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"You can change destiny, but you can’t change fate.” Simon sighed... “And you and I are fated to be together, I know it in my heart.”

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I'm such an idiot · 2:07am Apr 3rd, 2017

I actually thought StarLadybugQuinn... abandoned me. I'm so dumb I can't believe she still loves me. Maybe she has a thing for dumb people?

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Lel. Looks like you shouldn't jump to conclusions. :ajsmug:

Maybe she has a thing for you.

4481729 Yeah... cute, sappy, insane, goofball-ish, idiots like me have fallen for that one. But maybe you're right. :heart:

4481733 There's a good chance I am.

Despair can get the best of us. Our greatest fears can get to us even more so.

4482701 Truer words have never been spoken.


I often have my fears interrupting my day. But they always turned out to just be paranoia. Your no idiot. Just human.

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