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New Group - The Founders of Equestria · 10:35pm Apr 1st, 2017

Do you like historical fiction about the Founders of Equestria?

I do!

And judging by the recent spate of stories about the founders, so do many of you.

There are a few small groups devoted to a couple of the individual founders (one of which apparently has all of two members - poor Private Pansy), I figured it might behoove me to make a group which collects stories about the founders of Equestria, their relationships with each other, and their relationships with other historical figures like Star Swirl the Bearded, the Princesses, and suchlike.

I've already done some work populating the group's story folder based on character tags, but if there's any stories anyone feels are missing, feel free to add them in!

I figured that as long as people are interested in stories about the Founders of Equestria, there might as well be a group for such.

So feel free to join up and regale us with who the founders really were (and, judging by the shipfics, who they were snogging).

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Comments ( 11 )

Joined, because I have a Founders fic in the planning stage.

Huzzah! Good luck with that.

Author Interviewer

ah, fuck yeah! :D


Me too! I mean, it's next on my list, after the one I'm about to publish, the one I'm about to finish, and the epic I've not updated in over a year...

Suggestion: Add a folder for stories that does include the founders briefly, but aren't really about them. Like a story where the founders might be relevant for a chapter or two, but the story is really about other ponies. An example of that would be an anthology that is mostly about other ponies, but has one founder story in it. Or something like my ScooTiara story, which contains small portions of a bodice-ripper story about two of the founders within it. Basically, a folder for "Not really relevant, but slightly so".

So will this group still be active after April Fools' Day? :pinkiehappy:

Hopefully! It is a real group, unrelated to April Fool's Day. I just happened to realize when I was looking at Bookplayer's story that there wasn't a group about the Founders, so I figured I'd make one.

There are a few groups that tackle the subject, from individual character ones (though sadly, not ones for Pansy and Puddinghead) to general historical ones. The only other one that focuses mainly on the founders themselves (as a collective, that is) is the Tribal Hearts group, which also considers the time period in general.

Definitely joining this one, though. If Twilight can have umpteen different groups, then the founders are fair game in my book. They don't get nearly enough attention.

Also, here are a few other groups of interest for you history fans, because why not multiply the fun?

Clover the Clever
Commander Hurricane
Equestrian Historical Society
Princess Platinum
Smart Cookie
Starswirl the Bearded (not a true founder at all, of course, but his connection to Clover could very loosely make him a subject of interest)
Tribal Hearts
And might as well include the Time Action Glory Challenge group, a group about underutilized tags, because all of the founders are on there anyway.


Correction: I am happy to announce that the Private Pansy group is now up and running, and ready for fresh meat. Pansy needs you! Join the Wuss Brigade now and cower bravely for the Princesses, Equestria, and good old clichéd apple pie.

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