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I feel bummed out. · 8:37pm Apr 1st, 2017

It's because I think I'm not manly enough. I can't be physically manly aside from working out (I have a manly face, but I don't want to grow a beard or mustache because it doesn't go with my style). I want to know how to act manly. Advice?

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Eat rare steaks? With meat juices?

4480005 No. That doesn't make you a stronger person.you don't get mor3 independant from eating.

4480015 It makes you look tougher.

4480025 when you eat it, I know how to look tougher physically. I just feel insecure about my manliness.

4480031 OK. Sing a rock song... singing sometimes makes you feel the way the writer of the song felt when they wrote it.

You just need to do some confidence building.

4480052 how do I build confidence?

4480066 I already do that.

Then I think that part of your problem is that you're second guessing your self worth:pinkiesad2:

4480110 I constantly think I'm worth very little. So much so that even after my boyfriend tells me he loves me, I go on afraid he'll leave me for someone manlier.

You need to breathe.

There is only one of you; you are worth a lot.
You have a boyfriend; clearly he agrees that you're worth a lot.:pinkiesmile:

4480131 Alright. But there's only one of anyone and everyone, and Undoubtedly there's at least one person who my boyfriend would find attractive, that would find him attractive, that would be better than me in every way.

Stop trying to be a stereotype type and be your self. There are millions of manly men, but only one of you. :pinkiesmile: you are special, and you are unique. What more can you ask for?

4480159 I n ask for strength, more responsibility, and higher testosterone levels.


Your boyfriend doesn't see it that way.

I'm not the person to talk to. Sorry.

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