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Don't let people stop you from using creativity. Some may be bad, some may be dreadful, but that's the thing with creativity. You create ways to make it even better. That's the creative truth.

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Big News... Yet A Little Sad (Not April Fools Joke) · 5:17pm Apr 1st, 2017

So, guys, hear me out:

On FimFiction, I kinda felt as if I sorta... lost my touch when it comes to big stories, like that have chapters and such. I just don't... feel it in me anymore. While I do think I can handle a one-shot here, I don't think I'll be doing much on here. I'll still have this site open for you to contact me, but if you want to know where I'll be at, I'll be on Wattpad.

They just have a MUCH larger platform, and not even a week on there, I already published a one-shot based off of Boku No Hero Academia. It's a steamy one, and I feel proud of it. :)

But yeah, sorry to bring the bad news. If you want to follow me on Wattpad, I'm TravisBroski. And if you want to read my one-shot, here.

Again, I'll still be on here, just not as active as I was. Maybe I'll come back and kick out stories, maybe not, but for now, I'm on Wattpad, hoping to get stuff done.

Hope you're no mad at me for doing this. This isn't a goodbye. :fluttershysad:

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I literally just created an account here just to follow you.

I was just going to say that there but it said conversations were disabled. :rainbowderp:

I see. I'm kinda on the same spot, but I still want to write something big. Anyways, I'm glad you're not leaving here. Good luck with your stories on Wattpad.

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