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EqD April 01 · 12:19pm Apr 1st, 2017

Pascoite and I have been helping out Seth and have gathered a list of all season 7 episodes, see it here: https://www.equestriadaily.com/2017/04/season-7-gettin-saucy-spicy-synopsis.html

I actually like a lot of these ideas. They are all top-tier feature box bait. Someone please write them, you have my permission for the ones I came up with, which are:

Sauces for Horses, Part 1
To-may-to, To-mah-to
BBQ For You
Twilight Signs Up To Tumblr
The Tooth, And Nothing But The Tooth
Ponyville Nightmares
Ponyville Goes Meta
Sweet or Savoury?
The Return of King Sombrero
Now You Sea Me
The Death of Twilight Sparkle
Scanners 2
Say Cheese
A Souper Day Out
Clearly a Vegetable, Part 1

Also I wrote Seth a poem, that should be up soon too!

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I'm not foaling for it.

It seems you went apeshit at the mention of a Spike episode. I found that list enormously entertaining until I neared the end and noticed he was missing. Couldn't enjoy the rest. So thanks for ruining your own joke, Blueshit.

Please don't be involved next time.

4480311 Oh wow don't call me names like "Bluesh*t" that is really hurtful :(

I am sad that you feel that the lack of Spike was harmful to this project. It is true that I had an emotional breakdown when Pascoite mentioned putting Spike in the synopses, but this is less to do with any 'dislike' of Spike, and more with wider personal issues around dragons after a run-in with some dragonkin a few years ago.

Obviously this list of episode was missing Spike, and also Starlight Glimmer, which whilst a gaping hole I don't feel was insurmountable. You could imagine they were both there in the backgrounds of the episodes, even if the episodes were not revolving around them. I don't believe Seth will be handing off the final list to Hasbro just yet, but there is always room for changes.

You are right though that I cannot ignore Spike, nor can EqD ignore him. I shall endeavor to think of him not as a dragon, but as a large lizard, or maybe a bird (like with the dinosaurs)

4480362 Hope those dragonkin took at least one testicle.

4480367 That's ok, he's got three more.

The Death of Twilight Sparkle

I think there are at least 5x10^22 groups dedicated to that.


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