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Wait a Second! (Not an April Fools' Thing, Just Bad Timing) · 5:30am Apr 1st, 2017

I was rewatching the last season because the new one is coming up and

This scene. The one where Celestia was acting rather... out of character.

Wasn't this the same season that later shows that Celestia, among others, has been captured and replaced by the Changelings?
But wait, her magic wasn't green?

Ah, but neither was this Changeling Twilight's:

Shoot, they were foreshadowing it the whole time! The only other time we see Celestia this season are during the opener (pre-capture) and in 28 Pranks Later being buried under a pile of scrolls... Hm, that one could be difficult to explain if the letters are meant to go to Celestia, but perhaps the Changelings were able to duplicate that?

Interesting. :trixieshiftright:

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celestia was just bored your over thinking it


Overthinking things is what I do, friend. :twilightsmile: Leftover habits from old English classes: analyse everything! You might need to write an essay on it.

I dunno, coming up with theories of varying probability is fun!

4480058 who you calling friend pal


Who you calling pal, buddy? :trollestia:

4480364 who you calling buddy acquaintance

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