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March/April AMA · 2:14pm Mar 31st, 2017

Since tomorrow is April Fool's Day and it's always been a historically bad idea to post blogs on that day, I figured I would do an AMA today since I conveniently forgot to do one at the beginning of the month
Silly me
This'll also cover April since we're nearly upon that

Although at this point I have to wonder if there's really any legitimate reason to doing these anymore since I've been doing them monthly for over a year and by now most of the questions have already been asked

Regardless, ask away any and all questions you have, and I'll do my best to answer them.

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Is death better than life?

Majin Syeekoh

What body part would you like to have more of?

4478326 lungs

4478322 no, it's neither better nor worse; a living being is but an exceptionally rare specimen of a dead one

Majin Syeekoh

4478340 actually come to think of it that's an excellent answer

4478365 my dick retracts because of the garbage record player you have

4478369 On a [sic] serious note, do you have anything planned for April Fools tomorrow?

4478389 april fool's is a holiday for braindead cretins and six year olds
so naturally yes

What are you jamming too?!! if a coin has a slightly higher chance of landing on the side facing up when you flip it, what will happen if a cat doesnt land on its feet !? Why cant i get out of this rut??!?!!?!:raritydespair:



Thanks! These guys sound dope!

If you were stuck on a desert island with the entire discography of only one band, who would it be?


4478940 The Microphones/Mt. Eerie

4478340 It's the 23rd anniversary of Kurt Cobain's suicide coming up.

>> Regidar
Would you define life as a handmade watch, where nobody understands it except it's creator?

Or a car, where only those who care to learn, can understand it?

4481975 handmade watch
We have such a limited ability to perceive the universe, and science (while it has made astounding leaps and bounds into understanding the nature of the universe) can only translate what we cannot perceive into something we can. Best analogy I can think of is the group of blind men trying to describe an elephant, except that it's more like a group of blind quadriplegic chemical burn victims trying to describe an apartment complex, with each person isolated from the other by at least one floor

4482049 thanks for the reply

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