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How Do People Do Elbow Sit-Ups? · 12:05am Mar 31st, 2017

I can't do them. They're impossible to do, so instead I cross my chest, but sometimes I'd throw my arms a bit.

Am I the only one incapable of doing them? Cause how can a little girl do them?

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What's an elbow sit-up? I can't help but picture someone raising their arms and touching their elbows to their knees. Is it anything like that?

4477762 Do you have to sit with your heels flat to the floor? Because the closest comparison I have in mind involves doing bicycle sit-ups and coming up and touching your knees with your elbows from there...

I can't bend and touch my toes. Never could. It's not that I'm fat. I'm not skinny but not big either. Just not at all flexible.

Can do knuckle and clapping push ups, though.

I can push myself beyond the limit when it comes to jogging, but anything-ups are something I can't even do half of one of.

4477766 Only bicycles I can do with elbows.

I have to sit up, extend my legs a bit to get the rest of the way up, bring my knees back then touch em with my elbows.
How'd I do coach? is this what you meant?
I'm pretty flexible but my core isn't that strong...

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