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Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy are coming to the big screen after all! · 7:59pm Mar 28th, 2017

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Had forgotten about this movie, and I'm actually pretty excited for it. Knowing Scott, he hopefully won't make it crap.

A lot of the fun was how the story was hidden and took some looking around. I know it's possible for a movie to be subtle and cryptic, but in this day and age? Let alone an American horror movie!?

4475662 I think we should give it a chance. After all, Scott could possibly introduce a new element, or a new twist, to the story.

I mean, what I really want out of this movie, is a good reason why people keep going back to work at the pizzeria. I want to see how Scoot explains that part of the story away. XD

4476029 Well... Maybe the way for me to look at this is that clearly we're not gonna get a similar experience as the games (believe that, huh?) only because of how Hollywood is. Still, it's not like it can't be good in its own merit if the studio treats the movie with respect.

4476263 I've heard Scott wants to present the movie in a way that people that have never played the FNAF games will learn what we who have played the games already know. So maybe this is meant to help ease new interest into the franchise?

4476618 I hope he doesn't "dumb it down" too much. I imagine you're gonna have to with how the games have been but I don't wanna see them just put things out there almost having characters going "I'm the guy!". A lot of the fun was the secrets. It'd be just great if it can pull off a good twist or have a whole lot of hidden stuff on the sets - even if they aren't story important. Just something that gives you a reason to watch it over and over. Something that makes you feel a little smart for figuring it out.

That can happen IF the studio can leave Scott plenty of elbow room for his own touches. I mean, the guy has easter eggs hidden in his game's coding for crying out loud! If anyone can do subtly or at least hidden stuff, it can be him.

4476652 If the movie gets out to DVD, I can imagine Scott the bastard would have some ridiculous secret hidden on the disc or the interactive main menu that tells us stuff we have never heard before XD

4476713 Oh yeah. The Incredibles DVD actually does that where certain actions at certain menus will reveal a hidden clip - a montage or a deleted scene.

But they need to have faith in Scott. Still... He isn't a writer as far as I know, so there has to be some respect from the studio to get something that's true to mysterious feel of FNAF - anything wether it'd be a good twist, hidden easter eggs, or good subtlies. (It's a real word if I say it is!)

4476751 I know you misspelled 'subtitles'. XD

Well, we'll know if it is a promising movie when Scott decides to release a trailer for his movie or whatever.

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