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Hi, name's XenoPony. I'm an avid pony writer and fan fiction author with a wide range of stories.

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Hot Days and Sunny Skies! · 9:22pm Mar 27th, 2017

So, we just ahead really hot day here where I reside, and that's something we hardly ever get around here. To be honest, I tend to make the most of the sun when I can and thinking about that made me think it was only suitable to find some equal hot artwork of one of our own sunny ponies.

Hot Sunset Shimmer art below the break! (Was going to try and get some of Sun Butt, but this was just too good to ignore)

Now, while I do prefer the characters as ponies the majority of the time (they just look so much cute as rainbow horses) I will say that Sunset may be an exception, and with artwork like this, I can see why.

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Comments ( 6 )

My theory on why Sunset as a human is the exception: It's cause it has been canon. We only saw her horse form once and that was in the beginning few moments of the first EG movie. Not counting comics as I haven't read those... or fanfiction cause that just defeats the purpose really! Now the reason she is the exception: Cause she as a human is 10x hotter than anything a great artist can capture of the Mane 6 or random other pony as a human. No matter how good an artist is, it doesn't come close to it as the original does. We see Sunset in human form around 90% of the time.

Source: My personal reasoning... I don't need a source. It's how I feel about it so it still counts!

I have seen this persons work many times on Deviant art his work is without a doubt very good. You should check out the rest of his work besides this one he also has several with Twilight and Fluttershy as well.

4474127 You're right about that, though, Sunset is sexist humans because she's pretty much always human.

4474129 Yeah, I've seen some of the other work, it's all really good. They'll probably more of it featured on here at some point.

How do these people make these ponies/EQG so damn sexy?:derpytongue2:

Now all that's missing is a hot car to go along with it and Mr. Blue Sky playing in the background.

4474261That sums it up pretty well!:rainbowlaugh:

4474247 Magic!:derpytongue2:

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