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  • Saturday
    Do any of you know?

    Hello everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone could help me find a certain story that I am looking for?

    The cover art has a Anthro version of Princess Twilight Sparkle held by the throat by an Anthro version of Midnight Moon.

    The reason I wanted to find this story is I wanted to talk to the artist of that cover art and see how much they charge for commissions.

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  • 39 weeks
    Does anyone know how to do this?

    Hello everyone,

    I am wondering how to do a line break or scene break as I want to do this for a updated chapter to 'Kindness: To Save A Life' yet I am not sure how to do this.

    If anyone could give me step by step directions on how to do this that would be just awesome.

    Thank you all.


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  • 48 weeks
    All three pieces of art from HanasakiYunarin

    Hello everyone,

    Below you will see all three pieces art that I commissioned from HanasakiYunarin if you click on the link you can go to her deviantart page and commission her for artwork.

    First picture:


    (CM) Brave Hearts in swimming suit

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  • 52 weeks
    Just got some artwork back.

    Below you will see some artwork I commissioned a few weeks ago.

    I think it turned out beautifully and I can't wait to commission the artist for another piece.

    Her profile can be found here, Here

    check out her work as I think she is really good.

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  • 53 weeks
    To All Those Who Are Wondering?

    Hello everyone,

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Thank you to all 111 who have liked Why? A tale of Anon-a-Miss. · 8:53pm Mar 27th, 2017

Just wanted to give a shout out to all of you who have like 'Why? A tale of Anon-a-Miss' all 111 of you so yes thank you very much. I will update the story as soon as I can I look forward to reading your comments on the story as I get more chapters out.

Comments ( 8 )

You're welcome! This was a great story and I can't wait to read it to the end.

4474173 I hope you enjoy the next chapter once I get it out I tried to put some more emotion into it I look forward to reading your comments on it.

there are 3 sides in a triangle
triangle = Illuminati

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

The CMC are going to jail? They are still minors, so they'll have to go to a juvenile detention centre. Maybe after time has passed their older sisters decide to visit them at least to not lose each other.

You shouldn't give up on family.

4474329 Not sure what that has to do with this story but okay I'll go with it.

I love the story, can't wait for more

4474504 I know I am waiting to get the next chapter back from Icecreammac then I will send it to Sadistic Fluttershy for further editing and back to Icecreammac for the final edit.

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