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The One and the Only

There is Only One, and that One is me. The Only One 'what' you ask? I have no idea.

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  • 222 weeks
    No paragraphs? WHAT!?!

    So here I am writing a few things right? Just writing down some stories until BOOM I read at the bottom of the screen:

    0 paragraphs. You have very few paragraphs in this story. remember to put two spaces between each paragraph.

    Seriously!?!? Ugh. Now I gotta tell my friends and REWRITE JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING!!!


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  • 222 weeks
    I've come back to Fim

    not s recently I took a long break from fim.

    However, I'm returning slowly. I've gotta catch up on what I've missed.

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  • 225 weeks
    New cover art.

    EverfreePony (Fimfiction) AKA Pony of the Everfree (Deviant Art) made awesome artwork for my story Snew P's Adventures. Go check it out!

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  • 225 weeks
    Deviant Art!!!!

    Yes! I finally made a Deviantart profile. Now I can post more stupid stuff!


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  • 225 weeks
    I made a comic?

    So I tried to use this program on get really into it when I realized I could make comics so I've decided to do just that.

    My first comic

    My second comic

    Don't worry. It's not NSFW. I am planning on putting it on deviantart even if it isn't exactly "art"

    tell what you think.

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I'm married on Roblox! · 2:08pm Mar 27th, 2017

The Question
The answer.

It's me and QR DewShuiShee.

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Does that even count?

4473661 Not I real life no. But in Roblox yes. You can ask her next time she's on Fimfiction if you want.

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