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Call me GB! ^_^ I enjoy writing colourful horse stories for you to enjoy. If you liked one of my stories, please share it with others and have a wonderful day!

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The Thunder Clan - Chapter 13 · 9:10am Mar 27th, 2017

"Okay, I thought I could do this…"

"You can."

"I-I dunno if I can do this…I-I-I'm not ready…"

"Roxy, trust me. You will be fine. We are not even going very far."

"B-but, Makari…"

The taller Pikachu sighed and frowned, looking down at her with his forepaws on her shoulders. He was trying to reassure her, but things were not quite going as planned.

The inside of Roxy's head was a mess. She was meant to head out with the others at noon. As the hour drew closer, she began to get more and more nervous. It felt like there was a panic attack slowly stalking her, threatening to collapse onto her at any moment. Doubt after doubt filled her mind, and any confidence that she had in her own skills was long gone.

Roxy was honestly a little ashamed of herself. She had tried her best to overcome her anxiety and fears. She had pushed herself to keep going, and now it was only a few minutes before she had to leave. She was holding a brand new, finely-crafted, real spear. And yet, she was starting to panic. She was more and more starting to consider the idea of quitting and hiding in Makari's hut until spring.

"Roxy, I have been to this berry grove countless times in my life. The forest there is too sparse. There are few areas for predators to hide, so they hardly ever bother us there."

"But…They might?" she asked timidly.

"Well…" Makari hesitated and glanced away. "That is true. Nothing is certain, after all."

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