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Shock · 6:31pm Mar 26th, 2017

So, this has happened:

I'm surprised, shocked, and unbelievably happy. Success has been had. Thanks to all who helped me get this out. Expect more in the coming weeks, because I've got a few more stories to tell. Heh

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Comments ( 8 )

You did a cute, humorous poke at horrible things! so huzzah! Congrats and I was so happy to see this lasting in the top section.

I shat my pants when I saw.

Well, there won't be too many different perspectives, considering all the ponies within ten miles of Ponyville came down with a severe case of dead.

4472754 They arent dead, just living impaired, now if they were re-animated, then perhaps we might have a bit more problem. But really, who doesnt mind a ghoulish catharthis fic or two down the way?

4472765 Kinda stiff acting to be expected in the future if that's the case.

4472772 They are stiff because you have to be prim and proper in the presence of a pretty princess, after all, proper pefunctory protocol performs perfectly practiced.

4472788 Twilight already has them dead on their hooves. Of corpse they might not be as prim and proper as they should be.

My god... what have I done?

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