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Baking Escapades! · 4:20pm Mar 26th, 2017

Maori Kisses.

Some simple but lovely cookies

Blondies. Blame SleepyPanda.


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Aww... can I have recipes? I wanna make these for my gurl.

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4472484 Maori Kisses and the Cookies were from a book I don't have immediately on hand. Blondies are http://www.inspiredtaste.net/23801/no-fail-blondies-recipe/

4472485 Thanks Lord Al-knighty!

Lol. They look great.

All of that looks A-MAZING!!!!:raritystarry:

Whatcha gonna do next? :rainbowkiss:

I wanna try something super fancy next, like those half cookie half brownie things I think I've mentioned.

They look really great!

Those sweets... I wantz them, I needz them!!!

*Steals literally all of them*

My mom baked some cookies yesterday, and now I see this post, I think its time to bake some muffins again.:derpytongue2:

Ooh, yummy!

The only things I've baked were blueberry muffins. But those, I followed the recipe and they came out with so much sugar they were crunchy. (still good tho)

Cookies for $1

Kisses for $2

Blondies for $75 (the slightly less fancy brownies not pictured go for $70)

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4472543 I'll assume you mean $0.75 and $0.70

I whant a kiss*pucker lips*

Nice job, there. The cookies especially look delicious: just the perfect shade of golden cream so that you can tell they're neither overcooked, nor undercooked. Well done. :twilightsmile:

Yummy! :pinkiehappy:


Those look good. I'm going to be starting some sourdough French bread today.

:raritystarry:this is making me hungry though :raritydespair:

4472545 Wait... you don't put that "special" ingrediant that Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson love so much in your brownies? lol

Eat your heart out, Paul Hollywood, :moustache:

Dang, those look delicious!


Now I feel the need to make baked goods.

You're making me want to make some brownies right now, sir.

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