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CastleManeia (animation by UniqueSKD) - Part One · 10:11am Mar 25th, 2017

Finally, UniqueSKD finishes his terrible awful piece of shit animation. Now I can do something else and continue the full video at a later date or something.

So until then, feel free to hate me for bringing this abomination into the fanbase and humiliating every living brony and pegasister with my garbage animation skills.

I hate myself infinitely more than any of you do.

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Comments ( 7 )

I'd say your improving, at least in moving animation, that and the lip-sync looked good as well.

Still need some work on backgrounds, they may not be as flat as your old work, but could need some touching up on.

Keep up the good work:twilightsmile:

I'd pay someone to do backgrounds for me, but I don;t know anyone who'd do so. Also I wouldn't know how to pay them over a computer. I guess I'd use Paypal or something to do it?

Dude. That was awesome. Don't beat yourself up.

I wish I could do something like this ;-;

All I know how to do is edit War Thunder screenshots using GIMP :(


Dude, seriously, comparing this to you other works. This has got to be the best animation this far. The style here acutally reminds me of a video where Sonic and company fight Nazo.

For real dude. This has got to be your best work yet. Comparing this to one of your first animations;

You've fucking improved my dude.

I love it. Don't stop being you, and don't stop creating shit you love to do. There are even youtube comments saying it's good shit. 'Cause it IS good shit.

Keep doing good shit.

∞⇑upvotes/likes to counteract your hates!!

Awe, don't be so hard on yourself! It looks great!!

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