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I'll be watching CNN today · 12:28pm Mar 24th, 2017

Today is the Health care vote. My chest hasn't hurt this much since election day. No maternity? No Mental Heath? No Prescription? Dear God all mighty... Yes, Obama Care isn't perfect... But this is NOT fixing it! Only 17% of Americans want this...
God I'm scared...

Who is joining me in watching this with their hearts in their throats?

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I have no idea about this
i have not been paying attention

Although I have good insurance it is still concerning to me as my co-pays and premiums continue to rise. I'll be keeping tabs during my work day. I can't imagine that any sane person would want this plan for anyone else. Good luck to us all!

I'm not watching, I don't want to be that angry. *sigh* I don't understand anything anymore. Everyone's gone insane. The policies of Obama and both Clintons were well to the right of Richard Nixon's and they're labeled Socialist. 'Obamacare' is mostly cribbed from a Heritage Foundation plan from the nineties that then got watered down even further, but now the right calls it radical. And all the incentives are pushing politicians to steer right toward the iceberg and speed up.

On bad days I'm convinced that nothing is getting any better until the system completely collapses in on itself and we start again from scratch. But I know enough history to know the chances of that producing an improvement are slim at best. I just don't know anymore.

First, relax. It's CNN. They have a certain... slant on the news. If there was a vote on mohair subsidies, they'd be whipping their audience into a frenzy.
Second, it's the government. Obamacare went through about fifty metamorphic shifts before the midnight Christmas vote, and at each shift, CNN was there saying "Oooo... Now they're really going to do it. Look! Watch! And.... they'll be right back next week."
Third, no matter what they do, and even if they do nothing at all, there will still be fairly large changes in the health care/health insurance field over the next ten years. State insurance exchanges are popping like popcorn, the dreaded insurance 'Death Spiral' has kicked in, but hospitals and doctors are still there, taking patients and money for treatment. Our insurance industry is sick, but health care is doing pretty well and will continue to do so...

I feel bad for you american's with your healthcare system, we in Sweden may not have the worlds best healthcare, but at least we don't have to worry about if we CAN get healthcare (basic care is covered by our taxes)

Really hope things go the right way.

i don't want obama care. but i do hope things work out for you and those like you.

i felt it was a catch 22 the moment i heard the details for it... sorry.


4470253 you guys aren't the only ones with better health care. america is far behind in a ton of things compared to other countries, not just our healthcare. we have stopped being great, and have continued to decline. we are complacent, and have rose colored glassed coloring our view.

Yeah, I'm lucky enough that I've got another 2–3 years on my mother's insurance, and she's got a good private plan (I'm on a rider until I'm 30), but after I'm not covered anymore, if this bill passes, I'd probably be screwed. I'm still only my initial job hunt, so unless I get a job at a hospital, things could get problematic with all the stuff they want to take out.

Who else knows that we are ultimately screwed?

This is why I want to run for President. Insanity like this administrative fuckbucket. Pardonnez mon François.

And I just heard the bill was pulled. :pinkiehappy:

4470611 I was just about to say, they pulled the bill. Now to see if he tries to push something else later that will actually keep what the American people need, or if he'll just let the ACA stay in place.

I don't like Obamacare trumpcare is mhee but Obamacare was liked far less so yeah......= |

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