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What to say about me... I'm a novelist, I enjoy writing Fanfiction (seriously I like it. Although I mainly do Justice League or Highschool of the Dead), and thanks to Dr. Whooves I found FIM.

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The Herd Life Official sequel to Bumbling through my Education Preview! · 4:42am Mar 23rd, 2017

The Herd Life

The Official Sequel to Bumbling through my Education

Chapter 1: Hearth’s Warming as a Herd

The sound of little hooves were pounding through the large farmhouse. Bumble was currently chasing after a his daughter. The little Alicorn was giggling as she flew down the hallway. Right behind him was the little filly’s mother. Luna felt it difficult to be angry at her little daughter. She could remember taking a bath when she was a filly, and her daughter was simply no different than herself. No, at that age she had absolutely no desire to bathe, but instead she simply wanted to run around and have fun. At least that was what Celestia, and her own mother, had told her.

She did consider ordering some of her guards to help with the chase, if for no other reason than to watch them go through the paces of attempting to corral the little one and then be bested by a two year old filly. Instead she had them remain where they were, and she helped her her husband finally manage to get close to their daughter. The little stormy cloud bluish gray alicorn looked at them, giggled, and her horn began to light up. Before she could cast a spell her mother moved toward her, licked her fingers, and placed them on the tip of her horn.

The spell fizzled out before it could be cast and the poor little thing fell to her rump. She sniffled, looked up at her mother with the saddest eyes that anypony could have ever seen, and began to whimper.

“Selene, do not attempt to make that face with me. It is time for your bath.”

The little filly shook her head no. She looked toward her father and saw that his expression was no different than her mother’s. In a desperate gambit she let her lower lip quiver while she sniffled and whimpered. It was supposed to work. Even though Selene was young she had discovered that quivering a lip at the right pony would instantly get her what she wanted. If she did that in front of grandma Derpy she’d be able to get away with almost anything.

It just didn’t work on her mother, or her father, apparently. Instead she felt herself being lifted by her mother. The tender, and gentle feeling of her mother’s hands normally would have been a fantastic feeling indeed. But she didn’t want lifted up. She didn’t want to get the sticky of her treats off of her coat. She squirmed as Luna held her, and then she felt her move her slightly so that she was on her back.

She sniffled, resided to a fate of warm bath water, Mr. Froggy, and soapy bubbles. They stepped into a large bathroom, and the tub was already filled. Luna handed Selene to Bumble, who gladly took her. She then stripped off, took Selene back into her arms, and stepped into the tub. A sponge appeared, along with the body wash that cleaned Selene fairly well. It was something that didn’t sting her little eyes. Luna gently lowered into the tub, letting the wonderfully warm water cover her. She watched as Selene finally resided herself to the bath.

Just outside of the tub she heard Bumble moving around. For a moment Selene was babbling, looking all around, and then she reached out for something small and green. Luna watched as her daughter caught the the rubber frog that was floating toward her. The little frog made a croaking sound as Selene squeezed down on it. She cooed at it as she squeezed it. Outside Bumble watched his daughter. She really was a wonderful blend of him and Luna. Part of him worried about what it would be like when she got older.

If she looked anything like her mother then she was going to be a knockout. It was an odd thought, but it made his sense of worry seem more real. He wondered if his mom had the same worries about his sisters. His ears twitched as he heard the sound of other little hooves, and he looked toward the open door to see Bagatelle walking their little filly. Their little filly wasn’t nearly as filthy as Selene had been.

He watched his Siren bride as she navigated the hall just outside of the bathroom. Even though Agitato wasn’t able to talk her little voice was so sweet and musical. She seemed to coo in short musical ranges. At the moment she was giggling she held onto her mother’s hand. They walked back by the bath and he saw Agitato’s face light up as she looked toward him. She dragged her mother toward where he was, and he sound found himself holding the little silver gray filly with blond and white two toned mane.

She nuzzled against him, and then he felt Bagatelle find his arm.

“I smell jasmine. Is Selene taking a bath already?”

Luna laughed, “It was a bit harder to get her into the bath than we had hoped.”

Bagatelle grinned, “Is there still plenty of room?”

Luna almost nodded, but quickly caught herself, “There is.”

With that Bagatelle removed her clothes. Bumble watched as she moved toward the tub, slowly she slid down into the massive thing, and she let out a soft sigh of relief, “Bumble, would you please undress Agitato and bring her into the tub as well?”

Realizing that he wasn’t getting out of the bath either he undressed, undressed his daughter, and then he climbed into the tub with two of his brides. He watched as Agitato cooed and splashed in the water. He knew that Bagatelle was indeed a Siren, but it wasn’t until he watched her really relax that he understood what that meant.

When she was in the water, her truest natural habitat, her legs began to change, to morph together, until they formed a single tail. It was magic the likes of which he’d never really seen before. Agitato did the same thing, and he watched as his little daughter’s legs joined together, her shimmering tail formed, and she began to swim inside of the large tub. Granted, it made giving her a bath insanely easy, but at the same time he wondered what would happen if they went to a public swimming pool.

As the small group bathed the rest of the house was bustling with activity. Down in the kitchen Pina, Majira, and Flagrante were working on breakfast. Flagrante sighed as she looked at the section she was working on. Like most of the herd she had a little foal. A beautiful little colt that was so adorable, that looked so much like his father, and she was certain that he was going to grow up to be a little ladies stallion.

All of her sister wives had foaled as well. Honeypot and Pina had twins. Pina had two little Unicorns. Both of them were colored just like her, the big difference was their eyes. They had the soft gold eyes their father had. Honeypot had an Earth Pony and a Unicorn and both were colored like both her and Bumble. Flagrante thought about all of the foals that were currently in the house as she worked on the hot cereal.

She looked toward Pavi. Pavi who had finally finished the conversion into being the mare she knew she was. Flagrante could see the bulge of Pavi’s pregnant belly as she walked past them. So much had happened in the last couple of years. Their trip to Germaneigh, the implementation of the medical golems, and the expending of Bad Gryphon.

Flagrante smiled at the memory of their trip to Germaneigh.

*****Marelin, Germaneigh - Two years ago*****

The ride to Germaneigh in the royal airship had taken a bit longer than anypony really expected it to. Flagrante looked at Aryanne’s well toned, and well rutted, rump. Beside the two of them Bumble lay breathing hard. Although the wedding had already happened in Canterlot another one was being set up for Aryanne to marry into the Royal Herd as it was being called. The Führer herself was thrilled about the fact that her Heerführer was joining such a powerful union.

The three of them would be the last to disembark the ship, and in a way Bumble felt a little unsure. The royal airship had been home for the better part of three weeks. It was a safe haven, and a good part of him felt secure inside of its hull. He knew that it was his inner introvert talking, but it really didn’t change anything.

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Comments ( 3 )

Sounds good. Bumble makes a good father and husband.

Yay i cant wait Bumble easily became one of my fave characters on this site over all though Stella Sabre remains number one though but Bumbles a very close second

Cool. This looks like it's going to be just as... interesting as the first. Speaking of, are we going to see how the other herds are doing? I'm still interested in how Trixie, Starlight, and Sunburst became a herd.

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