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Things · 10:20am Mar 20th, 2017

I will publish my first story tomorrow. The fastest I can get.
Some hint of the story.

It's clearly not a hint, right?

Report AProudMalaysian · 177 views · #ant #life #story #mlp #eg
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Comments ( 8 )

And the story is clearly about Twillight because she works like an ant. Yes?

4498076 No. It's about giant invading ants from Ant-tartica.

4498080 HAHAHa wunderbar sehr lustig.

4498089 This is a coincidence. I befriend a German, Belgian and Italian on this website.

4498105 Wait, I forgot. You translate the word to German , right?

4498109 No I speak it fluently but I'm american.

So, you're from Pennsylvania? At least from what I know.

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