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    The story Just A Joke was in bad taste and I apologise. I've deleted it. It was dumb catharsis cranked out in a few minutes with no forethought. If rather not have my last thing here be something out of spite.
    Apologies again.

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    As of right now, I'm going back to writing. I've written nothing while I've been off grieving and sorting out things in my personal life and finally, after so so long, the fire to write is back - or at least a few embers. I'm gonna try to write more of the next SDR chapter as soon as I post this blog post, but chances are I'll be writing unrelated stuff while I get the drive back.

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    Whoops it’s been ages since last chapter~
    I’m hoping the next one should be done by next weekend, but we’ll see. After the next one is chapter 50 not counting the bonus chapter by Darkest Dreams, and will be the end of the first major arc of the story. It’s pretty exciting~!

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Attention to Detail · 4:14am Mar 20th, 2017

I have a hobby of taking songs, cutting off the beginnings and ends, duplicating the centres, editing them so they link seamlessly, repeating this process until it's an hour long, sticking the beginnings and ends back on, then exporting for my personal use. I use these songs for background noise while writing (other things too, but writing is the main thing). I've come to calling them super songs.

There is method to the madness - when you're listening to a song on repeat in the background while writing, studying or anything similar, hearing the start and end over and over is annoying. It's like getting on a fairground ride, riding it, getting off the ride and then getting back on. You don't care about getting on and off all the time, you care about the riding (my mind is making this analogy far dirtier). Using my editing method, it's like making the ride itself an hour long.

With all that explaining out of the way, here's the point to this blog post:

There's a super song I like to listen to for serious or intense scenes, but I've suddenly noticed a very, very distracting syncopated noise in the background music. I'm, ah, less than enthusiastic about syncopation in music (except with vocals, for some strange reason).

"I'll just ignore it!" I thought happily, continuing the writing.

5 minutes later I was about ready to claw my eyes out.

I can't listen to that song anymore.

The End. No, there isn't a happy ending.

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I have always wanted to do that with certain songs. Beginnings and endings always ruin the flow of having a good song on repeat. Added to the fact I listen mainly to chiptune style songs, means I really should learn how.

Quick example on my method:

Did this quickly, so I exported at the wrong res and for some reason the recording software kept flashing my desktop, sorry about that.
I don't do any minor detail fixing or anything like that, but it's the basics of it.

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