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The Coming Write-off · 5:46am Mar 19th, 2017

Well, the coming write-off certainly seems interesting...

It's kinda a two-stage contest.
People submit prompts.
People use those prompts to create and submit art.
That art is both voted on, in a similar manner to the stories and also used as prompts for the writing round.
Instead of the normal prompt submission/voting, authors pick a piece of artwork as a prompt, write a story that's inspired by it, and submit.
After that, it runs according to the normal write off setup.
(Note, I do not believe you have to participate in both stages to do one of them, which means you could draw and not write/ write and not draw).

Anyway, the write-off is here, and it is currently in Prompt Submission.
(Note, this takes you to, which is a non-pony site. Not to say you can't have ponies, and there are several authors from here that participate, just don't expect to read them).

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Comments ( 4 )

Writeoffs are awesome, yes.

I'm sharpening up my crayons...

I'll keep an exe out for when the writeoff starts :3

hey, the writeoffs are at least half pony! It started out as pony, I believe, and has branched out to also include original fiction writing contests, alternating with pony contests. This one is a pony one.

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