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FMF 14: 17 March 2017 · 4:01am Mar 18th, 2017

Hey guys, and welcome back to another Fandom Music Friday! So, what have I been listening to this week? Well, I've been getting back to my roots. And for that, I've thrown back to a legendary piece from the prehistoric year of 2013, back in the good ol' days of the fandom. Yes, you youngsters just don't know, I'm afraid, but maybe some of you fellow fandom oldies will remember listening to this song back in the day. Maybe--just maybe--I won't feel quite so old in saying this.

Ah, yes 2013 was way back when MandoPony was still using the "Pony" part of his YouTube name and AcousticBrony was still a brony. Back in the day, these two brony musician giants collabed under the name AcoustiMandoBrony. Together, these two worked their way through four of the six Elements, creating one song apiece named after the pony's respective Element. (Sorry, Applejack and Twilight. They haven't uploaded to this series in three years. Doesn't look very promising for you two. :ajsleepy: :twilightangry2: ) But of the four they do have up--Loyalty, Kindness, Generosity, and Laughter--the one that stuck with me the most was Kindness. :yay: If you must know, Loyalty was a close second. :rainbowdetermined2:

Kindness as a song really resonated with me. Fluttershy (aka Best Pony) was always the pony I felt most alike, and thus projected onto the most. When those lyrics first hit my eardrums back in (oh, I have no idea when lol) for the first time, I knew I had to put to memory "[their] song of [K]indness." My first fanfic, one of the unpublished ones, was a Fluttershy adaptation of My Little Dashie and, as such, was a pretty strong self-insert. (Fun fact: If you look through the groups I'm in, you can still find it off-site. It's a trick to do, but it's possible. If you find it, comment "Found It" in the comments. (Fair warning, though: the quality of that story is bad!))

Perhaps I wrote that story I just wanted to show her "how [she's] helped me,/And how much I have grown." Truly, this show and this character have taught me things about myself that I never knew. She's taught me to be strong in the midst of weakness and brokenness. She's taught me to be kind, yet balanced with assertiveness. She's taught me so much more; this is just off the top of my head.

It's truly a shame that this fandom has lost artists like Acoustic and Mando. Whether they just got burnt-out or what, I'm not sure. But one thing's for sure; they will be missed.

Story Updates:

History Lesson:
          Next chapter goal: approx. 13.5K words
          Next chapter progress: approx. 13.6K (Final editing/proofreading run tomorrow)
                    Reason for delays: This last week of school... Sorry for the lack of clarity in my announcements. Should have looked ahead.
          Remaining chapters: 1
          Likely upload time: Saturday or Sunday

Next Project Announcement:
          Word count goal: 700 (blog not included)
          Word count progress: 620
                    Details: I'm setting my announcement to 2-minute selection of music (which is apparently harder than it sounds) ; the idea is to get it to feel like a movie trailer. You won't want to miss it!

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