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New Story - Editors Needed · 6:48pm Mar 17th, 2017

Last night, at long last, I buckled down and spent some time finishing up A Thousand Roses.

The present summary I'm thinking about:

A Thousand Roses
10,740 words

After Pony Magazine declares Twilight Sparkle to be the most eligible and desirable bachelorette in all of Equestria, Twilight finds herself buried under a veritable mountain of bouquets from all corners of Equestria. Enlisting her friends to separate the chaff from the wheat, Twilight is presented with the very best love letters – and a crudely written poem that came with a rough-looking bouquet that somepony hoof-picked and threw together at the last minute. But Rainbow Dash seems to think it is the best one for some reason...

Yes, TD is finally finishing a TwiDash story.

But I could use some help. Extra eyes on a story are always helpful to make sure the story works, iron out the kinks, make sure there isn't any repetitive sentence structure that I overlooked, and generally help spruce things up a bit. If folks would be interested in helping out, it would be greatly appreciated.

Hopefully I shall have it all done and posted sometime this weekend. It has been far too long since I last posted something.

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Comments ( 13 )

Pick me! Pick me!

Sounds amazing! I hate work though, choose someone else!

Yeah, you need an editor.

Last night, at long last, I buckled down and spent some time finishing up A Thousand Roses.

That one was free. :rainbowlaugh:





I can give you a hand if you want to be done by the end of the weekend. I generally prefer actual speaking over red-penning, but I could do that if you insisted.
PM me if you're interested. If you've already got somebody, great.

I'm around. Though I'm better at flow than grammar.

I take a minor social risk volunteering assistance to you, so please just ignore me if you would not like my help.

Also sorry about the user icon. It's temporary.

Oi, a chance to get Senpai TD to notice me AND help out with editing? Why wouldn't a jump on this golden opportunity?

Count me in.

TwiDash, you say?
Shoot me a link. I want to help with this. :pinkiehappy:

I'll give it a shot if you're still looking for people.

I think I've probably got enough volunteers at this point. Thank you very much for offering, though. :heart:

shiiiieeett im so hyped for this story :pinkiehappy: someone tell me when its dunzo pls

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