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Because apparently, this is a Yugioh blog now. · 1:32am Mar 17th, 2017

Stargazer Magician x 3
Timegazer Magician x 3
Dragonpulse Magician x 3
Dragonpit Magician x 3
Skilled Dark Magician x 3
Lemon Magician Girl x 2
Chocolate Magician Girl x 2
Breaker the Magic Warrior x 2
Defender the Magic Warrior x 2
Dark Magician x 3
Magician of Black Illusion x 1
Mahad the Protector Priest × 3

Shard of Greed x 3
United We Stand x 2
Mage Power x 3
Magician's Circle x 2
Dark Renewal x 1
Solemn Warning x 2
Mirror Force x 2
Wall of Revealing Light x 1

Total: 49

Legendary Magician of Dark x 3
Ebon Illusion Magician x 3
Number 39 - Utopia x 3
Number 104 - Masquerade x 3
Alchemic Magician

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Comments ( 2 )

Oh, you've been blogging about Yu-Gi-Oh! I was wondering.

Makes sense. Watch me as I predict the future, your next blog will be about the new Power Rangers movie and it's recent trailers.

On a side note, how are you and Lilith doing?

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