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Team Up with Alvaxerox · 8:16pm Mar 16th, 2017

Report Wolf-Spider · 381 views · #Crossover
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Comments ( 99 )

:pinkiegasp:y-you want... a crossover?

4458981 nonononono, you got it all wrong (I mean unless you want to but that's not the point) This is just a teaser of Spiders and Magic Equestria Girls and what's going to happen in the future. It's not a crossover, this is just a teaser.

4458986 Oh, your gonna help me when i introduce Wolf Spider to Spider-Girl.

Sure, why not. I'd love to.

4458998 Also, I've looked at the design of Spider-Man's costume. So I was wondering....(I know that this is the ultimate version but still) is this the Spider-Man from Civil War?

4459004 no. in the show everyone got a redesign except for Spider Man. The avengers in Ultron Revolution got their movie designs so why can't spidey before he ended

4459009 ooooooh. ok, I see.

4459012 But I don't know why but his suit always reminds me of him in Civil War.

But yeah...wanna do a crossover?

Comment posted by Wolf-Spider deleted Mar 16th, 2017

4459009 Also, Since my oc (Midnight Wolf a.k.a. Wolf-Spider) is a pony and I've never designed him without his costume for eg before, I'm letting you decided on how he should look like. I'm letting you pick his clothes.

4459062 No, as in no crossover or as in not from civil war or what?
Plus which one do you mean okay? I can't understand them all at once.

4459077 no for the crossover, and yes The costume is from civil war/homecoming

Comment posted by Wolf-Spider deleted Mar 16th, 2017

4459082 Also, I've taken a look at your pictures from you story and I gotta ask....did you make these on Sketch io? Because the design on them looks like they came from Sketch io.

4459097 I draw them by hand and then color them on MS Paint.

Comment posted by Wolf-Spider deleted Mar 16th, 2017

4459148 :twilightoops: SWEET MOTHER OF HALAPENIA

4459148 :twilightoops: SWEET MOTHER OF HALAPENIA


4459134 What do ya think of Wolf-Spider? (battle damaged)

Comment posted by Wolf-Spider deleted Mar 16th, 2017

4459153 Also, I don't know if you seen my story yet but......Wolf-Spider.....has a special relationship with Twilight. ........Yeah, my drama senses are tingling.

4459156 thanks. I've notice that when i was on deviant art

4459160 good thing on mine it won't like that. they'll be good friends

4459430 Thank goodness, we already have a love triangle going on with Peter, Twiligtht, and Mary Jane. At least This will be kept for myself.


4459439 You forgot one more FOWA original human twilight... img08.deviantart.net/c75b/i/2016/269/0/a/mlp_eg_twilight_and_timber_legend_of_everfree_by_pollito15-daj1d51.png

my friend LockandLoad24 wants him to in my story and add a twist on him

4459463 infact, he wants Gaia Everfree to... "everfree"atized him

Comment posted by Wolf-Spider deleted Mar 17th, 2017

4460003 I just got back from school and this is the best welcome gift I ever got. Thank you. IT'S SO AWESOME!!! XDXDXD

4460293 Those pictures are keepers.

4460327 so be it. I know where i can introduce Wolf Spider.

when i get this far.

4460330 Oh I forgot to mention...

Comment posted by Wolf-Spider deleted Mar 17th, 2017

4460335 Midnight has that technique to change his skin color by emotions. When his skin turns red, that means rage, when it's blue, that means sadness, grey is happy, clear (invisible) is feeling sneaky, purple is smart, purple is romance, tan is normal, green is brave, and the colors can mix as well such as his skin turning orange means he's mad and sad at the same time.

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