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I watch IRL videos, green screen videos, G-Mod, videos, and SFM videos, all on YouTube, and I read fan fictions on FIMFiction.net and fanfiction.net.

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    I Need Help

    I’m trying to look for a 2nd person story about a CHS student working at Aloe and Lotus’s spa, and Celestia arrives for a treatment. Does anyone remember what the story is called?

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    Roles of Blue Apron and Shaker & Spoon in Fiction

    A long time ago, I created this survey question:

    Say you were to order a meal from Blue Apron, and a cocktail of Shaker & Spoon to go with it. What would be the exact meal and drink that you would order?

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    Speculated Ending to FiM

    I've been looking into the comments of screencaps on Derpibooru that showed alicorn skeletons. Some people are saying in the comments that EQG might take place in FiM's future. What if what those people are saying is how the Season 9 finale will go?

    We shouldn't worry as long as this goes along: https://www.wattpad.com/story/135294923-my-little-pony-friends-of-all-types

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    A New Idea For A Fanfiction

    I have this idea for a fanfiction, sort of inspired by A Therapeutic Sleepover. However, I'm planning to write this after "Forgotten Friendship"(which the story takes place after) airs, because Wallflower and Juniper participate with the Humane 7, and Twilight and Starlight, and the original Spike, all three of them coming back from Equestria. He was NEVER in the post-credits scene of Friendship

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    I created a special group for those people to join. Now, I'm making this blog post so that it has more members. For those unfamiliar, Harry Turtledove is an author who writes alternate history novels. He is still doing so today. People know him for his Crosstime Traffic books for his Southern Victory series, but

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My Hypothesis for S7E1(4/15/2017) · 3:33am Mar 16th, 2017

There are images on Derpibooru containing spoilers for the episode. I just don't know where it aired this early. My own hypothesis is that behind the back of Shining and Cadence, Chrysalis and her loyalists kidnap Flurry Heart as part of their plan to genetically transform her into a changeling. Those scenes I think Hasbro might make as creepy as those popular and infamous horror films of the 80's to today. Saw. Scream. The Ring. Nightmare on Elm Street. Friday the 13th. Halloween. The Shining. Ouija. You'd get the idea. Still though, what do YOU think the plot is going to be, judging by the images? I hope the FiMFiction staff don't mind this.

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You have a link to them?

4458706 Nope. Also, I checked the Wikipedia article for Season 7, and the updates on the episode plots did NOT say anything about a possible kidnapping, though it COULD mark a Season 7 finale. Look the season up.

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