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Be excellent to each other, and PARTY ON, DUDES! ~ Abraham Lincoln

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  • 4 weeks
    Signal Boost: The Bronycon Bookstore

    Howdy, everyone! First and foremost, as always, Adorable Applejack:

    The bestest.

    Now then, have you ever said to yourself, "Gosh, Jake's stories are just so good! What I wouldn't give for a paperback copy of Under A Luminous Sky!


    You haven't?

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    5 comments · 182 views
  • 8 weeks
    I’m a comedian!

    Somehow, I made it into the BronyCon talent show as a stand up comedian. I have no clue why.

    If you’re at BCon, head to the Mane Events Hall on Sunday at 11:45 so you can not laugh at my jokes.

    9 comments · 82 views
  • 8 weeks
    Bronycon Bound

    Howdy howdy folks! First and foremost, as always, Adorable Applejack:

    Now then, I'm off to Horsecon in about an hour, so if your'e going, hit me up. I'll likely be spending most of my time in the writer's room, so look for me and my awesome vest, and Pinkie Pie riding high.

    9 comments · 75 views
  • 12 weeks
    Anyone Else Going to Anthrocon?

    I am. I'm not sure why, though. I mean, I know why, because I'm disgusting degenerate fur trash. But why am I going to the con?

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    10 comments · 210 views
  • 17 weeks
    A Video I Did for Connecting Vets

    Those of you born in the 80's might find this more humorous than most.

    14 comments · 135 views

Streaming Fallout 4 for Real This Time · 7:28pm Mar 14th, 2017

Heya, folks! SO, last night's attempt at streaming failed due to some technical issues. Those have been resolved, and I am once again Streaming Fallout 4. My goal is the uber-happy ending where all three factions get along, plus some random side quest shenanigans. Please click here to watch and we'll have some fun!

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Comments ( 2 )

watching but no account..two seconds and I'll log in :rainbowlaugh:

Where's adorable Applejack?

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