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Heading towards minimum health requirements! · 12:26pm Mar 14th, 2017

grievousfan also posted this on DA, this seems like the first step towards 'You must meet our minimum health requirements to be employed with us'. This smacks of Trump, who did you guys vote in??:twilightoops:


Report Boulder · 90 views · #government #health #trump
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That method hasn't worked for years, the voting laws here in Oz and I believe the U.S. as well as most democratic countries is the same. That's called a donkey vote, where if a vote has an non-correct countable marking on it still has to be legally counted (even an unmarked form is still counted) as a vote one way or the other as it's considered a legal form so all donkey votes go to the status quo, or basically whichever party was in power prior to the election. Sorry, but you voted for the old guy.:pinkiesad2:

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