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So I just binge watched Gravity Falls in a week · 9:15pm Mar 13th, 2017

My thoughts?

I'd been hearing about this show for a while, but I spent some time actually getting around to watching it. And by God am I glad I did. The show is fantastic. As you can tell by my new avatar, I took a liking to a certain spoiled rich brat, despite how little she appeared in the show. But man, that Northwest Mansion Mystery episode blew me away.

And all the other episodes too. There was not a single bad episode. Even the few that could be chalked up to "okay" were decently good.

I was truly impressed by how well the writers balanced Dipper and Mabel. Oftentimes when there is more than one main character in a show (cough My Little Pony cough), there's an imbalance in how much attention and detail is given to the cast. Let's face it: Twilight Sparkle is the main character. The other five are important, but they're accessories to her. Not with Gravity Falls. Despite the fact that Dipper is presented as the narrator, that really only comes into play in the Pilot and the Season 2 finale. But I never felt like he was getting more attention than Mabel. The two were homogeneous and had perfect chemistry, and whenever I felt like I was seeing more from one character, the next episode would switch it around. By the end, I couldn't believe how much I learned about these two, as well as the ever-popular Grunkle Stan.

By God, what an amazing character. This guy was so lovable in spite of his constant pessimism and general orneriness. I'm just blown away by how thought out everything was, how deeply complex Stan was. I won't say anything more because of potential spoilers.

Hey. You didn't think you could get away without mentioning me, did you?

What the-?

It's me, Bill Cipher. Only the perfect embodiment of infinite power. You though you could ignore me and live?

Oh, no. Not at all. Please, my platform is your platform, Master Cipher.

Good pet. Now, sing my praises, meatsack.

Bill Cipher is astounding. He is what you get if you take Discord, give him better writing, and allow him to commit murder. Basically, he's the villain I'd always wanted without even knowing it until I had him. In my first day back at school, I found myself doodling him in the margins of my paper no less than nine times. Granted, he's super easy to draw, but still. Here, have a funny video for no reason:

Congratulations, mortal. Your praise was satisfactory. I've decided that I'll let you live when I return to Earth for the next Weirdmageddon.

Thank you, Master Cipher.

And with that, I'm out.

Is he gone? Okay, looks like I'm clear.

So, yeah. I love Gravity Falls. It's a phenomenal show, and I'm being totally honest when I say it deserves a 10 out of 10. I'm a very critical person, and I don't give perfect scores out freely. This show truly earned it.

Now, this wouldn't be a KrQ blog post if I didn't end it with Best Pone.

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I watched the show as it was coming out. One of the best series I have ever had the privilege of watching. Grunkle Stan was easily my favorite.

Best reaction clip ever.

i knew you would love the show man! you need to get in touch with me so we can talk it out!

That is a great show.

It was an amazing show, and you don't see a lot of series ending really well the way they did, so props to them for making it that great.

Also, interesting fact, the creator of this show and Rick and Morty are actually acquaintances, and they kind of show that through very subtle hints of it in a few episodes of this series. I didn't even think about that until I watched a fact video about this a while back. It was very clever.

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