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    An apology

    For those of you waiting for new chapters in "A Blazing Life In Equestria" and "The Start Of A New Journey", I would like to apologize for taking so long to post new chapters. See, I write from my Tablet, and recently I'm having an issue with the battery that makes it discharge very quickly, to the point that not even when it's plugged into the socket it can last long if I keep using it. The max

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    First of all, I want to apologize for taking so long to update The Start of a New Journey. I'm stuck in the 800 words I already did, and am trying very hard to go up to at least 1500 before publishing. Also, the new chapter for A Blazing Life in Equestria is also at 800 words. I'll try to release the new chapters for all my fics before the end of the next month.

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    Schedule and Pool

    Okay, I finally decided the order in which I will update the stories, here as follow:

    A Blazing Life in Equestria is first;

    The Start of A new Journey next;

    The Chaos Has Been Tripled!, hopefully after the other two;

    Tails of Fate second to last;

    And a one of the nrw stories I'm still working on.

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Char Data #4 · 5:31pm Mar 13th, 2017

Name: Nyx

Age: 11

Race: Alicorn/Dragonpony/???*

Gender: Female

Mark: A shield with a crescent moon inside

Bio: Nyx lived big part of her life in the Everfree Forest. Not having a family, her only friend was Blaze, who visited her regularly for training. Blaze didn't knew of that at the time, but during one of their training sessions, Nyx told Blaze the truth. Feeling sad for her friend, Blaze talked with Night, asking if she couldn't help Nyx. Night then went to meet Nyx, and after having a talk with the filly, Nightmare asked Night if they couldn't adopt Nyx. Night decided that it was the best course of action, and it would be good for Nyx to have a family, as a young filly like her shouldn't live alone. Nyx was overjoyed hearing that, and wanted to go meet her new family right away, and Night was really happy to do so. Nyx may be very smart and strong to her age, but even then, she's only a filly, and like any other, just want to be loved by a family. A family that is happy to love her too.

Abilities: ???**

*Nyx is a hybrid in this timeline, she can alternate between these two forms and various others

**True abilities unknown

Believe it or not, (I'm walking on air!) this is the description I got in my roleplay with Nyx on Twitter. She has used a lot of different skills, some of which I don't know how to describe, so we have this. Mind that these descriptions have slight spoilers for the main timeline, but don't worry about that. So next on the line of descriptions: Random from the main timeline!

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