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Samurai Jack Season 5 is finally here! · 6:54pm Mar 12th, 2017

Also, any series from now on that says 'we're making this for people that grew up with the franchise'? THIS is how you actually do that RIGHT!

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I loved it! I was so worried about what happen with PPG that I thought it might not be great... I was wrong, Jack is Back!

I am so happy that this show is finally getting a conclusion after the movie never happened. They really did a great job keeping the style and expending with some darker themes, while still keeping the goofiness of the original. I am looking forward to the rest of the season. Now if only the same thing could happen with Invader Zim. :fluttercry:

Really surprised to find Jack using guns. I am glad to see that he'll actually be going home though.

4453452 At least unlike Batman it makes SENSE for Jack to do it.

Least this'll tie up alot of lose ends, hope the last ep will include an epilogue.


I mean to be fair, the very first incarnation of Batman actually did use guns, since he was an homage to The Shadow.

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