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I can't draw because I am not a drawist, I am an artist therefore I art.

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Miu Mori · 1:53pm Mar 12th, 2017

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Comments ( 9 )

Where she her chin...? :rainbowlaugh::rainbowwild:


4452851 lol, if it was coloured it might look better but I'm too busy being fujoshi to give a fuck about colours.


4454788 I need to draw [forgotten name... Shit it's written down somewhere] cause I've drawn him on a piece of paper.

Okay, best of luck then.


4456097 ^^

I just englshed really bad on the Internet and I think it made me look npt English... Lol


4458032 oh fuck, I meant to spell that correct aswell... Fuck spengdbsgfdhfxv

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