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What fulfillment? Wish what? · 1:55am Mar 12th, 2017

So I was messing around in General Zoi's Pony Creator and grumbling at the lack of options available for customizing myself when I remembered something important.

"Derp, I forgot. I'm an artist! I can draw whatever I want!" :derpytongue2:

So, after about an hour of relearning Photoshop...

Tiny, perfectly round curve on the upper-right redacted for... let's say, 'modesty'?

Oh deer.

I'm about to make this my user icon, aren't I? :pinkiecrazy:

Okay, at this point it is abundantly clear that I've been writing this Twilight's Secret Journal story for way too long. At least it's in the home stretch now. :twilightblush:

EDIT: I just realized my bio appears to be very naughty now that my user icon has changed... :facehoof:

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Hrm, kewt girl colt ponysona? I imagine that would be clearer with the redacted bits back.

Strange. I always assumed Trick's ponysona would be a filly.

I'm actually a dickmare. (Yes, in real life—the pic is indeed a ponysona.)


dawwww! Now I must lewd you. (or at least invite you to lewd pony discord)

I'm on Discord. I'll send you an invite. :raritywink:

In response to your edit: Naughty, better, same thing!

It's fitting.

Also, this story seems to be doing you more stress than good.

It's not the story. The story's been an excellent outlet, but it's getting to the point where I have some difficult humps to cross (that are stressful). Once those have passed, the rest will go swimmingly.

...or so I'm told. :pinkiecrazy:


Good luck.

My ears are always open if you want someone to chat with.

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