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    An apology

    For those of you waiting for new chapters in "A Blazing Life In Equestria" and "The Start Of A New Journey", I would like to apologize for taking so long to post new chapters. See, I write from my Tablet, and recently I'm having an issue with the battery that makes it discharge very quickly, to the point that not even when it's plugged into the socket it can last long if I keep using it. The max

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    Should I?

    First of all, I want to apologize for taking so long to update The Start of a New Journey. I'm stuck in the 800 words I already did, and am trying very hard to go up to at least 1500 before publishing. Also, the new chapter for A Blazing Life in Equestria is also at 800 words. I'll try to release the new chapters for all my fics before the end of the next month.

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    New group!

    Hey guys, I decided to make a group. It's called The Super Foalverse, and it centres around foals with powers. My hope is that some of the stories there could eventually all make part of one timeline, like a massive crossover. But it's also okay if that can't happen, just know I'm open to just about everything. Please join if

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    It has come to my attention that three of my fics have reached over one thousand views. So now I ask, should I make a Special Chapter for any of them?

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    Schedule and Pool

    Okay, I finally decided the order in which I will update the stories, here as follow:

    A Blazing Life in Equestria is first;

    The Start of A new Journey next;

    The Chaos Has Been Tripled!, hopefully after the other two;

    Tails of Fate second to last;

    And a one of the nrw stories I'm still working on.

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Char Data #2 · 5:56pm Mar 9th, 2017

Name: Lightning Blaze Sparks

Age: 8/???

Race: Bat pony/Changeling/Vampony

Gender: Female

Mark: A fireball with two lightning bolts inside, one blue and one red

Bio: Blaze was formerly a male teenager, but in a meeting with a certain Lord of Chaos, ended up age regressed and transformed in a filly. Still a little confused with her new body and feelings, she turns to her big sister, Night Steel, for advice. She had a little problem with excess of magic before turning into a filly, so she created a clone that looked like her as a colt to vent some of that magic. Imagine her surprise when the clone started calling her 'mom'.
She's not a common Bat Pony, for if she loses control of her instincts, she will turn into a Vampony and go on a rampage for blood. She was also involved in a fight with Queen Chrysalis, where she absorbed the changeling's magic and became a Queen herself.

Abilities: Fire manipulation; Full fire control; Energy manipulation; Basic energy control; Basic unicorn magic; Advanced unicorn magic; Shape-shifting; Basic changeling magic; Basic mind magic.

I know Blaze seems a little OP, but keep in mind that control is only a complement to the manipulation, and Shape-Shifiting and Mind Magic is not something that only changelings can do, so it's not part of Changeling Magic. Also, remember that this character is from the original timeline, so anything that you read on the other stories I made are Alternative Universes.

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