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I am a professional writer, artist, musician, website builder, and app developer. I have a Tip Jar for those who might be interested.

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People Keep Rage Quitting The Site · 10:57pm Mar 8th, 2017

And the majority of them are rage quitting because they aren't 'horse famous'. <_<

Who cares whether you are horse famous or not? Why not just write for fun? Or for practice? Or both? :I

I really don't get this mentality. But there you have it. By 2018 no one will be left on the site because they aren't horse famous yet.

I will be the only person left along with a goldfish and a cockroach because, you know, nothing can destroy those things. :I

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Comments ( 121 )

im here and i don't write im the cockroach aren't i

I write because I want to and never thought of being horse famous. I could retire on that trip right now and be satisfied if I want to, but I won't because I really enjoy this place

I would never leave this place

4448434 Naw. You are just an awesome person. I think that is cool that you like to hang out with people on here and are willing to stick around just to be involved in the fandom. Keep on being cool. ;)

4448444 I am glad to hear that you like to write just for fun. That is awesome. I am the same way. I also like to write for fun and as kind of a writing exercise to improve my story telling skills. :)

4448452 Okay, horse famous means you aren't well known?

4448447 I am happy to hear that, my friend. It is good to have you here. :)

4448453 Horse famous means that everyone in the MLP fandom knows who you are. For example, Dr. Wolf is horse famous since just about everyone knows who he is.

You won't be the only one! I write for fun too, and I encourage my closest friends to do the same! :)

>tfw small scale horse famous
>tfw everyone knows you because you get banned frequently and everyone hates you

Feels good man

I ain't leaving anytime soon. I've got some plans going on; would it make me "horse famous?" Probably not, but horse fame can only get one so far, so it's better not to place all your eggs in one basket.

4448467 Hurray! I am glad to hear that you will be staying as well. Keep on being awesome. :)

4448452 It opens such a great door of imagination. If I didn' start writing here, I get norm have moved numb favoirite journal book

4448468 It is something that a lot of people in the fandom aim for I suppose. More power to them. But it shouldn't be a reason to rage quit things in my opinion. :I

4448469 I am glad to hear that you will be sticking around. I feel the same way. I just write for fun. And if I happen to get horse famous for something i write, that's just a bonus. But i am mainly just here to write for fun and make some friends along the way. :)

4448471 It does open up a door for imagination. I am often very inspired to write things by the things I see in the show. :)

4448472 I will do my best. XD

That is just stupid. I'm here to spread the joy of hard critisim and making people feel bad about themselves so that they will make better stuff. It's a lot nicer than it sounds.

4448478 Or whatever your mind can think of next

4448485 Well it is always helpful to have people offer constructive criticism to things that you write so you can improve.

I write for fun too, and because of how many will read my stories. Nothing more. Still, I hope someday I make it to the feature box. That would be great. :twilightsmile:

4448458 I don't.:twilightblush:

But I get what you mean.

Personally, it's about writing fun stories and talking with like minded passionate people.

Don't know where I rank on the scale, but I would like to think I am at least well received by most.

4448490 Of course. While I'm not the best at it I still want to see everyone get better.

4448495 If you keep on writing, I am sure that you will. :)

Then I'll be right there by your side as ths site becomes a wasteland, barren of users. :pinkiesmile: Because Mi loves writing horse words! Mi no famous but mi still write! :yay:

I'll be here munching on goldfish and grapes:derpytongue2:

And meanwhile I'll just be sitting here eternally staring from beside my 21 year old pc running google chrome.

I haven't rage quitted the site, if it makes you feel any better

4448499 I think it is great that you are recognized for your writing. Keep up the good work with everything.

4448512 I think that is great. Keep up the good work with everything you do. :)

4448532 Hurray! That is excellent to hear.

4448583 You too hun!

4448536 Grapes are delicious. :rainbowkiss:

4448553 That is a really old PC. :pinkiegasp:

4448575 Yay! I am glad to hear it. :)

4448594 I will do my best. X

4448584 can i hug you?

I'm still here. I may not ever get 'Horse Famous' and if I do, cool. If not, then I know I had fun writing what I want to write for the fun of it all.

I would only leave this site if I had a DAMN good reason to do so. Not because out of some false sense of entitlement. That's just stupid. Keep being awesome Lyra.

4448598 And somehow it can load FimFic in Chrome within an hour. Using Chrome 16, that is. That's the newest version I can get it to run without crashing on me.

4448605 Sure! I like hugs. XD

4448611 I am glad to hear it. And thank you for the kind words. I will do my best to keep being as awesome as I can. XD

4448633 *hugs* And I have 0 plans on leavin anytime soon. :pinkiesmile:

4448620 That is pretty impressive. :rainbowlaugh:

4448629 *hugs you* an old friend of my dad died last saturday

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