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Words of More · 1:36am Mar 8th, 2017

Firstly, Dueling Keyboards updated with a new short based largely on a random idea that my muse insisted on fleshing out. 'Tis silly.

Secondly, Season 7 premieres on April 15th. Get hype.

Thirdly, I am truly blown away by the response to the contest thus far in terms of both participants and cross-promotional blogs. Here are a few updates:

• I mentioned this on the contest blog proper, but if you missed it, I've called in some help given the volume of the response. Assisting me as judges will be ScarletWeather and Skeeter the Lurker.

• Multiple entries are permitted... in series. You can only reserve one slot at a time. If you want another one, you'll need to either submit the story for that slot or abandon your claim on it. You can enter as many times as you want (time and wrist integrity permitting) but you can only win one prize.

• Several people have asked for an extension. I'm not making any guarantees now, but if it becomes clear that a lot of people will need more time, I'm definitely willing to push the deadline back another week, especially since a lot of people heard about the contest after the weekend ended.

Comments ( 8 )

Hahahahaha what the hell did I just sign up for...?

Nah, I kid, this'll be amazing.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Still gonna try and meet the deadline with two stories, wrist integrity be damned. The whole point of a challenge is to push yourself to the limit, because then you find reserves of strength and resourcefulness you didn't even suspect you had otherwise. So that's exactly what I intend to do.

After all, it worked for Lightning Dust, didn't it?

Glad to hear that deadline might get extended (writing through the fog of a migraine is an interesting challenge, to say the least), but I'm going to try to get Princess Ember the Mad in on-time for the initial deadline. Heck, I've already managed to put together a small prologue and a basic outline of what I want to have happen in each chapter. :pinkiecrazy:

I'm trying my hardest to get it on time, but I'm all for an extension. Been kinda busy here, putting the last touches on this chapter of Clover and finding it difficult to tear myself away. But I'm trying.

Man, so many people signed up... :rainbowderp:

Holy cheese, this is what I get for being like a month behind on my news feed.

I will ponder quickly about how much I think I can get done by this weekend. If the contest gets pushed back a week, that would greatly improve my ability to participate.

Secondly, Season 7 premieres on April 15th. Get hype.

And season 8 apparently confirmed for 2018. :pinkiegasp:

Get the hype-train to board the meta-hype-train. :pinkiecrazy:

...Unless that info is outdated, I haven't caught up with the latest posts on EQD yet. :trixieshiftright:

Honestly, I might just wait until S7 streams on Netflix. I'm at least not worrying as much if I skip episodes as they're released this season.
I would've liked to write a story for Luna but I wasn't feeling it. Hopefully at least one writer claimed her for the contest.

At this moment, literally every Luna slot has been filled... possibly. There's a bit of confusion going on with that last one, but it looks like we have a full moon.

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