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Something I did! · 12:46am Mar 8th, 2017

Behold! From April of last year, it's chapter 52 of VisualPony's Project Horizons audiobook, featuring my debut as the villainous (and adorable) Steel Rain, around the 1 hour mark! :D Oh god I sound so bad help D: I don't know how many chapters he's in -- VP did a good job keeping me in the dark about what, exactly, my lines applied to, on my request -- but there'll be some more of him, so I wanted to make a note of it here.

I also wanted to make a note of what happens around time stamp 1:34:20. A fight has just broken out, there's some unexpected resistance, and you can hear a certain rather upset pony in the background.

As I recall, VisualPony asked me for some ad-libbed swearing. I still have the original audio file, so I'm sure of how I went about it. Not knowing the context, I recorded some standard pony swears -- horseapples, ponyfeathers -- some original oaths -- "Luna take it!" -- and then...

Then I quoted Littlepip. And I immediately said no, don't use that, I'm just being silly.

Well, guess which line he used.

So that happened. XD

(But props to ChaoticSeven and a guy named Vladimir Zharkov for their roles. They're way better than me. :B)

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Comments ( 16 )

dang it only now I realize from where I know your nick
From VP credits after those chapters!
So you dont want to know how far VP is with this work or did I misunderstood that line ?

I remember reading your comment in Horizons about that... I was wondering what character it was for, and now I know.

Will you post the original file... it might be funny hearing your "takes."

Author Interviewer

No, he's almost done. He's got like, one more chapter left, I think?

I wanted to avoid spoilers, so I dunno what chapters Steel Rain appears in. :V

If I had a way to make videos right now, I'd consider uploading bloopers to my Youtube channel. Assuming VisualPony hasn't done any himself. :)

4447499 Oh sorry to hear that... the lack of ways to upload. I hope it gets fixed, whatever the problem is. ^^

Author Interviewer

I'm on the road to it. :)

... some may suggest that you're typecast. :pinkiehappy:

From what I could find, Steel Rain made his appearance at 1:11:30 - wow. I went there to get a sample of your VA work, but... the production made me follow the channel! EXCELLENT work, PP. I am very impressed!

Author Interviewer

Hey, the production's all VisualPony's doing. :B Glad he impressed you though!

Well yes, of course. However, you played an excellent part in the production and that deserves some sort of recognition. SO THERE. Ha.

Ah so yeah I misunderstood...
Anyway it depends on if you take that story for patrons or for free
For patrons it is out already I think, for normal people it is in chapter 74
Now Im not sure but 78 or 79 is last and then epilogue

Author Interviewer

I can't keep track. :B

anyway I wanted to say that I'm not sure if I like his voice

on the one hoof it is pretty good job with him, on the other I imagined him absolutely different when I read the story (you know that moment when you read book and in movie the actor does not fit your imagination :-) )

still not bad job on itself, and definitely much better than I would do because I never done anything like it tough i would love to.

what I find most interesting tough is that there seems to be a group of people here on fim-fic that i discoverd from various sources and those people seems to be connected (both comments, prereading, responses, and and they seems to know each other)
if you take the size of this size it is pretty amamzing

Man, it's so weird listening to these with VAs besides VP, but you guys sound great! And it's very nice that he brought you and the rest in for that: I appreciate the work he does with his own performance and the production, but 2+ hour chapters of all one voice can get a bit monotonous even with a good reader and production.

77 + ep, but 75 is split in two, so five videos left to release.

4448059 well you are better informed than me than.
I was Wondering about being his patron but I already support two people / groups and simply dont have more to spend right now.

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