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Status Update 25 Feb 2017 – Back hurts. Need help! · 5:32am Feb 26th, 2017

Blog time!

Man I’ve been out of it lately. Made a few dents in the book outline, but nothing breakthrough level. Back still hurts…

Speaking of, I’m aiming most of the blame for my back at my crappy office chair I got at an office store. While better than the 70’s chair I had before its still awful and likely causing most of my back pain.

I’ve been looking into better ones. The best office chairs go for more than a grand! Racing style gaming chairs are getting popular these days and cost half as much. Good luck finding a mon-sponsored review from a reputable source, though. Even when you do, good luck buying it when you live in Canada! It’s a lot harder to order one here for some reason.

So, I’m putting out a call for help from you guys. Does anyone know anything on this topic? What chairs are good, and how to get them in Canada? If you do, please post below or talk to me in the Discord chat!

Ones I’ve looked at relatively deeply are the Cougar ARMOR (only available in orange, and I’ve no idea how to buy it in Canada), the E-Blue Auroza (it’s almost $600 but at least I know I can get it here, and it was recommended by PC Gamer), and the DXRacer King series (no idea how to get that in Canada). Whatever I get needs to offer comfort for people around six feet and support at least 275 lbs (I’m not actually that heavy, but I want some leeway so I’m not pushing the limit). Any thoughts on those?

Thanks again for sticking with me! :)


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My wife just ordered a racing style games my chair. And I suffer from back problems as well. Once it arrives I'll be borrow to for a night off and let you know how well it worked. Just send me a pm so I remember to respond.

I'm 5'11 and about 210 lbs.

Sorry to hear man, I hope you are able to find a solution. I know several people with bad arthritis and/or other back issues but most of the chairs they use for the best releif wouldn't work too well for a desk since they recline to take pressure off the back... Most of the upright chairs I know of are expensive and best for lower back (lumbar) support/discomfort. :pinkiesad2:

I was going to recommend the chair I have, but it seems the manufacturer does not carry an office line anymore. If you're wondering what I use, it's a Best Home Furnishings OE830. Something similar might work well for you, if you have space for an executive style office chair with adjustable pillow backs.

Beanbag chair. Problem solved. Get a tall coffee table for your computer.

I've had a Herman Miller Aeron size C chair (I'm 6'2", 215lbs) since about 2008, and though they've "remastered" it since then, most of their changes seem very cosmetic and the descriptions of the improvements are wrapped in a lot of useless spin on their web site. I personally recommend against it. It's massively over-priced, and to me, not nearly as comfortable as it should be for the money spent. There's an equal amount of love and hate generated by it on the 'net, which in my experience is a good reason to stay away from it unless you can try one out for a couple of weeks, first.

well since ya here in Canada like me, try out the kijiji.ca classifieds and skip the office chair and get an actual recliner like me. something soft that can be laid back in while having high enough arm rests to comfortably sit your keyboard in front of you. should be able to find a good one for between $50-100 at the low end and $1000+ on the extreme high end

I've heard using a fitness ball instead of a chair reduces back pain, though that might be a preventative measure rather than a cure.

Also, I'm one to talk since my sitting position is best explained with an image of boiled spaghetti.

DXRacer chair is pretty nice on my back, but the only complaint I have are that the armrests are uncomfortable.
If you are willing to shell out a bit, here is a site to check out, at the least:

Ah, I cannot say this strongly enough:

Do not buy any chair without sitting in it for at least five minutes. What's best for your back may be very idiosyncratic. While you can return chairs bought online, the shipping is probably pretty steep.

(I found I could tell if a chair was wrong within a minute most of the time, then went back to spend longer in the "not obviously bad" ones. "ergonomic inserts" usually aren't. Those need to be custom fitted in many cases, one size fits all isn't much good, even when made out of memory foam.)

I had the best results with a chair that had mesh/fabric mix (mesh in the center, fabric border about 2-3" all around it) taut on a frame. It wasn't an aeron ,though it looked a tiny bit like one. It set me back $550cdn after tax. Unfortunately I'm having a hard time finding what the bloody name of it is, when I'm downtown next, I'll check if the store I bought it from still sells this model.

I haven't read your blogs closely (like, barely skimmed) but if you're truly desperate about back pain, I used to spend $200/mo on chiro (and that was basically my whole disability cheque after cheap food and rent)...and I stopped having to do that when I changed my diet. PM me if you want to give it a try, I've been free of lower back pain for five years now. The dietary change was not aimed at curbing the back pain either, so I know it wasn't placebo effect. (Plus placebo effect only lasts two years max.)

Honestly, if you spend a lot of time sitting, the single best thing you can do is spend the money on a really good chair. I have a Herman Miller Embody chair and it is probably the single best purchase I've made for myself over the past few years. The chairs are expensive, but, if you take care of them, they'll last you for years and are seriously comfortable. I can - and usually do - sit in mine for hours without any problems whatsoever.


Ah, I cannot say this strongly enough:
Do not buy any chair without sitting in it for at least five minutes. What's best for your back may be very idiosyncratic. While you can return chairs bought online, the shipping is probably pretty steep.

A thousand times this advice. It's exactly the same as buying computer monitors, or appliances:

1 - Shipping is expensive, and liable to damage the item, so best to buy locally (this is the one time Amazon is not the best option, good for aggregating reviews though)
2 - Many aspects of whether the item is comfy or not are 100% subjective or case-by-case so you need to be able to try before you buy
3 - You can often get a huge discount by buying a floor model. I got a $370 leather executive office chair with incredible back support, for about $90 by going for a floor model; You won't find those deals online most of the time, you have to ask in-store

I've never had an expensive chair. Nothing but chairs I pulled out of other people's garbage, and a swivel office chair from Office Max I paid $175 that was okay after I sawed the arms off.


- Chair arms hurt your back as often as they help; adjust them to be right or get rid of them.
- Avoid the supposedly ergonomic kneeling chairs that are supposedly good for your back. They're only good for your back if your back is already strong enough that you don't have back problems.
- Instead, try getting a giant yoga ball and sitting on that!
- Get 2 chairs and swap them every hour.
- Stand up every 15 minutes.
- I use this pad from amazon, cheap and good.
- Most important tip: Do some light stomach and back muscle exercises every other day. No need to use weights.

Kinda late but as someone who has back troubles too and spends way too much time at the computer... as a couple folks touched on it isn't as simple as getting a new chair usually. Exercise n posture are key. I still constantly fight with strengthening my back to improve my posture. One thing I'll add is to make sure your desk ergoes are correct. That is your chair vs keyboard vs monitor hights. If you are just using a laptop u are screwed. Need to get external keyboard or display.

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