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Updates, plus some Song Parody Fun and Comedy via my Sister · 6:50pm Feb 25th, 2017

Hello again my followers,

Well, Chapter 8 is finally up.

What happened in it?

Oh, let’s just say some ponies played with fire… and some of them may have gotten burned.

Anyway, the reason I’m writing this post is to try and unwind a bit in the brief lull between finishing Chapter 8 and diving into Chapter 9. (And to all you Discord fans out there, fear not. He is in Chapter 9.) And what better way is there to unwind than to brag about my little sister Mythcatcher’s creative talents?

First off to get the silliness rolling I wish to share some knightly titles my sister came up with inspired by the Bugs Bunny cartoon Rabbit Hood. See following clip for context:

Now here are some titles my sister came up with (Feel free to use any of these titles in “Dungeons and Discords”-style game-playing provided you credit Mythcatcher):
I knight thee... Arise!

Sir Tificate of Insurance!
Sir Up of Maple!
Sir Ender of Dorothy! (My personal favorite. I call dibs on the champion Sir Ender.)
Baron of Red!
Knight of Dark!
Lord of Rings!
Sir Vantzheart of Chairstacking! (Little Tim Hawkins reference there.)
Sir Tainty of Doom! (I think Screwjob would want his character to be named that.)
Sir Real of Unnatural!
Sir Fur of California!
Sir Pent of Midgard!
Count of Sequence!
Baron of Wasteland!
Sir Vival of Fittest!
Sir Veillance of Camera!
Sir Vile of Submission!
Sir Kumstance of Pomp!
Sir Rated of Edge! (Highflyer might like that one.)
Sir Cus of Ringling!
Sir Cuit of Court!
Sir Culation of Blood!

Now that we’ve got that silliness out of the way, let’s move onto some more “serious” (and I use that term loosely) song parodies.

First up is a song she came up with while making a Starscream costume. Sung to the tune of “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” from Mulan:

Let’s get down to business,
To rule Cy-bertron.
Are you an Autobot?
Or Decep-ticon?
You may think I’m a heap of junk,
But you can bet before you die,
There is morrre to me thannn, meets the eye.
Tranquil on the outside,
But a spark- within.
Transform and then roll out,
And you’re sure- to win.
Choose Optimus or Megatron,
Ask yourself the question “Why?”
Because there’s morrre to them thannn, meets the eye!
Chorus: Decepticon
Prepare for the age of extinction,
Chorus: Decepticon
My reign of terror is coming soon,
Chorus: Decepticon
Behold now revenge of the fallen,
Chorus: Decepticon
You’ll find me in-side the dark of the mooooon!

Mythcatcher: I’m either going to be killed or kissed for writing these lyrics.

And last but not least, here’s a parody she wrote of her favorite song from Les Miserables. Like she did with me, I’ll let you see if you can guess what this parody is referencing:

Look down, look down
Don’t look ’em in the eye
Look down, look down,
You’re here until you die

The suns are strong
This Dewback is too slow

Look down, look down,
There’s many miles to go

I’ve done no wrong!
I wouldn’t hurt anyone!

Look down, look down,
You cannot aim a gun

I know we’ll win,
Those Jawas didn’t pull through!

Look down, look down,
The Ewoks bested you

The rebels will see an AT-AT
Here on Hoth!

Look down, look down
Don’t look’em in the eye

How long before
We end all the Jedi?

Look down, look down,
You’ll always be at war
Look down, look down,
Not the droids you’re looking for

Now bring me trooper TK-421
Your time is up
And your patrol’s begun
You know what that means

Yes, it means I’m free

It means you get
Those rebels that you let leave
Your mind is weak

They hit me on the head!

One robbed your clothes!

He spoke into my brain!
The sister’s mind was close to his
And they were outsmarting!

And they’ll outsmart again
Unless you learn the meaning of the force.

I know the meaning of those 19 years
A slave of the force

Five years for incompetence
The rest because you let them run
Yes TK-421

Their names are Luke and Han

And he is Vader
Do not forget your place
Do not forget him

Well, that’s it for now, folks. So if you’ll excuse me, I have another chapter to work on.

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