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Hello, it's my B-day ! · 9:08am Feb 25th, 2017

Hello, it's my B-day !


you guys & girls:




are you going to make jokes on me

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Happy birthday!
*Hands fenrisian ale*

4435833 thanks

4435856 what is fenrisian ale

4435985 nice image

It is a drink in Warhammer 40k lore, it is the only alcohol that can get Space Marines drunk. And the Space Wolves have taken quite a liking to it.

4436424 A.. nice.
I don't drink

Happy birthday? I have no clue which timezone you live in.

4481024 That was a Moth ago

4481027 All I saw was the time... not the date.

Happy Late Birthday! :) :heart:

Mine was on the 13th! (of Feb) :3

this post is 2 years old !

LOL I know, I like responding to people's posts-no matter how old they are because I feel like I am supporting someone who made a blog or wrote and didn't get many views or responses. I'm just like that, LOL. :3 Well happy late birthday for this year anyway! XD

Kinda funny to see our birthday days so close LOL!


Kinda funny to see our birthday days so close LOL!

... ?

When is yours ?

Edit: If you want you can make me a cake for my B-day

The 13th of February LOL.

There we go, it took two seconds to search online I mean bake. :3

I think I found out how to show the images now, thanks for suggesting the cake! XD

Ah, I'll have to do that image later, but I'll draw a cake for you. :)

you don't have to do a CAKE
Myabe jest one of my O.C.s
that hasn't going an image. yet.

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