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Vanilla Mocha

I enjoy ponies. I enjoy coffee. I enjoy writing. So therefore, this pegasister enjoys FimFiction.

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    Lol I don’t log on here much but if you want cover art check me out on DeviantArt. I’m currently closed right now but I’ll be open again soon.

    Want a picture that looks like this? :

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    I just typed up a few paragraph long blog post but I was stupid and deleted the wrong tab so I'll summarize here

    1) I didn't know that the passwords are screwed up now, I wasn't here for that, and I don't plan on coming back

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    Stuff & Hiatus

    I'm going on hiatus. In the mean time check this out. If you care about what I post and want to stay in touch while I'm offline follow me for updates please. If you're subbed to my YouTube click that notification bell.

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Family · 3:29am Feb 25th, 2017

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Comments ( 19 )

THAT'S SO CUTE!!!:raritystarry:

Aww, that's so adorable!

Their so adorable oh my gosh gonna explode

Daww. :heart: Careful though, your horn looks like it's an inch away from poking his eye. :rainbowkiss:

Do you want to kill me?!??!

Edit: Hey Mocha, you guys still working on YT? I never get any notifications for your stuff.

Erh! Mai! Gosh!!! So fluffing ADORKABLES!!!!:raritystarry:

This is now canon. :rainbowkiss:
When's the wedding? :trollestia:


Do you want to kill me?!??!

Dude, not funny.

Edit: Hey Mocha, you guys still working on YT? I never get any notifications for your stuff.

This is because the video hasn't been uploaded yet. She told me that it will be uploaded it before the end of Feb.

4435836 You say nothing to the others that are having "heart attacks" because of the adorableness?

and I checked, there have been videos posted since december, but I have not gotten notifications for them.

not going to get into another passive aggressive argument, especially on Mocha's blog.

4435863 Saying "Dude, not funny" or explaining stuff is not starting a passive argument. Done, btw.

Beautiful, innocent, perfect. Those are the words to describe it.:heart:

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