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The Night and Day Storyline · 8:21pm Feb 24th, 2017

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Comments ( 8 )

Can't wait to see where it goes from here.

I'll read it but I don't need to.

Because the guy who taught me not to be an asshole told me everything, and he's too nice to teach a real brony. :pinkiehappy:

Also? Flash is right because he teaches princesses to act like DJs who can't listen. She could sing, but it would taste like vampirism.

"Just bullshit me once at birth, and I will learn by staring at the sun, but she's way too literal. Just play cards like they're all diamonds."

Comment posted by Evil Master Mind deleted Mar 18th, 2017

This would be a lot easier to follow/keep track of if you just posted these as chapters of a longer story, which is what they read as, anyway.

*is a hoofsbreadth from giving up on this as it is.

Well this has been a fun read. I like how clever Moon is being.

Are these listed in chronological order in universe, or by release date?

Comment posted by Stormclamp deleted June 10th
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