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Made a thing...whatever · 3:07pm Feb 21st, 2017

And I know Thorax has no body. It was a design choice to use floating heads. Celestia X Thorax forever.

Oh, did I just accidentally upset all the Celestia lovers out there? Deal with it, you babies.

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Comments ( 13 )

I'm not upset(Tho I prefer Dislestia xD). This is cuuuutee :rainbowkiss:

Thorlestia AWAAAAY!
Tho I prefer Dislestia :heart:


Awww. That's cute.

4431050 That's almost more of an insult really. But art is subjective, as they say and I'll take your compliment with a pinch of salt, buddy. :)

I approve this ship:heart:

4431188 Sorry It came across as an insult

Implying I can't love Celestia and this pairing or your work. :ajsmug:

OH GOD! It's that one deer fairy and sun butt! (nice animation btw, very cute)

Bribby gud

Haven't actually seen like, the last two seasons because of IRL restrictions, but from what I've heard this would be a pretty good ship <3

4431279 It's okay. I just don't like being given credit for things that I could have and should have done better. Might redo this at some point, give thorax a neck or something...it can wait until after my YouTube animation is finished. god damn my animation methods are slow...waaaaah, kill me. XD

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