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Just a fic writer, looking at things from a bit of a different perspective sometimes .

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    Just an update!

    Currently, reviewing all chapters for mistakes, one at a time. So if you see changes, 'twas me!

    Am getting them ready for self-publishing and could be a while. Getting those spelling errors and try to get the story straight from when I was writing so fast it was a jumble.

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    Oh! And I forgot!

    Yes, to those wondering, I'm trying to figure out how to format all the stories to self-publish the chronicle of Legacy.

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    I have been hired onto a new job, and I'm excited! Plus scared. Trust me, traveling round the country laying fiber optic cable doens't sound bad, but it's a big change from what I was doing.

    I have not stopped writing, it's been a hard last few months, but I have a ton of chapters to update with!

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Life is awesome! · 11:45pm Feb 20th, 2017

Life is awesome, yes, always still here.

As said before, my computer is old, cranky and needs parts sometimes, only in this case..parts.
But I am back with a chapter dump and new..hopefully lasting, graphics card. Old, and hadda get it off Ebay, but hey, wonders of the internet!

Prepare to find out a few uncomfortable things, the truth of the Regiment. Why it was so different, and what became of the brave and valiant Units in it.

Enjoy folks, and I hope your New Year is going great!


Report NFire · 686 views · Story: Legacy ·
Comments ( 37 )

Hey, how old is your computer? I have a couple of computers just sitting in my room collecting dust--each from a different generation.

Been meaning to recycle them, but if you need parts (say more memory or a spare graphics or sound card), I'd gladly mail 'em to ya (the parts in question, not the whole computer).

Just let me know! :twilightsmile:

But I am back with a chapter dump

4430346 It's about ten..twelve years old. I figure buying a new one piece by piece won't kill me..so :) I will let ya know! Thank you!

4430360 Gotta have chapter dumps! :)


It's about ten..twelve years old.

Jesus Christ man, what OS are you on? Windows 95? Honestly, if you set up a donation page I bet there will be many people (Like myself) who would be more than happy to assist getting you a much faster and reliable computer. We need our fix of horse words.

4430362 Okay, that should be either DDR ram or maybe early DDR2. I have both I think. Not sure about the daughter-boards used in the machines of the time off the top of my head, but one of the two I have should work.

4430376 Actually, running WIndows XP, yes yes, so high tech I know. :)

As for a donation page, I'm not too sure, I mean all I do is write a mediocre story really and talk with all you great folks. A really good new comp could cost 1500$, that's a lot of money for what I need.

4430378 Actually, I think it's DDR 3, early version, not sure but I'll check the manual. Yes, I keep all the manual, call me OCD :P

4430392 Then if it's DDR3 my computers must be older still. :derpyderp2:

The desktop I'm using now is DDR3 and I don't have memory to spare from that I fear. :fluttershysad:

4430362 Is this hipster or Pepperridge farm territory? I'm not sure myself. XD


I mean all I do is write a mediocre story really

all I do is write a mediocre story

write a mediocre


It's always nice to stay humble, but at least accept the credit for where it is due.

4430407 No worries, I have hope :) It'll get built somehow :)

4430408 Oh shush :P

4430410 I shall then. I'm just awfully humbled by all the folks that like it. Honestly. Thank you :)

Awesome as always to see you back Nfire, will read updates with gusto

Luna's tits! Six new chapters!:rainbowderp: You spoil us!

"Awesome! Two new really long chapters!"
You've got mail! Legacy by NFire has updated.
NFire.. What are you doing.
You've got mail! Legacy by NFire has updated.
NFire, thats enough for now.
You've got mail! Legacy by NFire has updated.
NFire! Stop!
You've got mail! Legacy by NFire has updated.

4430470 Thank you so much! I'll hold off the last chapter update till tomorrow, enough got posted I think. :)

4430608 You deserve it, all of you. For reading it, for commenting good or bad, just for taking the time to peruse these words. You definitely deserve it!

4430615 I stopped, got one more for tomorrow and that's it. :) Promise!

NFire! Good to hear from you :D

Splendid! Somehow you always post these right after I have a particularly bad week, exactly when I need a boost. Maybe we'll finally meet that third bolo who's sleeping beneath the Crystal Empire. Unless I missed a chapter, I don't think they ever returned after getting side tracked by the Anceta, (was that what they were they called)?

NFire you're back!! And dear GOD the updates!! I need to sleep, but your words...ghaaaaaa :raritycry: And I'll gladly donate to your computer fund, if it helps with the chapter outputage...thing....words thinking no goodly now! :twilightoops:

4430689 Thank you :) Always good to hear from you as well!

4430712 They did return actually, after the fight. It's spelled Anceti if you really do wish to know :) She mourned her Hounds that day, the chapter right before the Side Story one. Anceti were a very mysterious race in the canon books, only mentioned once or twice, nothing known about them other than they manipulated time to their advantage.

4430738 I honestly wouldn't know how to set up such a thing anyways, though the thought is much appreciated :) Just take a bit at a time, like I've said, they'll be waiting for you after some rest :)

I can now literally sing "EVERYTHING IS AWESOME" because of your chapter dumps and that you're back!! I really needed some inspiration these days.

4432366 Glad I can help! Yeah, the past year has been something else, but hopefully on a regular schedule now :) Enjoy!:yay:

4430362 dear lord man, I thought my eight year old laptop was bad...
unless you have a high end machine from then, but still D:

4434456 Yeah, I'm running with a stone wheel, I know. :)

Don't tempt me to throw a new one at you

4434645 donate it to a museum, they might appreciate it XD

4434733 A new stone wheel? Cool! :pinkiehappy:

4434926 Yer all heart, gee thanks :rainbowhuh:


Nu, a new computer. And if you think I wouldnt, well, let's just say another thought that, and I proved him wrong.

4435032 I'm honestly not sure what to say to that. Except I am glad you were there to help that person, and that's a wonderful thing :)


He can actually DO things in moments that used to take MINUTES

4435061 I can understand that. Probably like a kid on christmas :)


Like run TWO instances of Final Fantasy XI? Or actually DO things. he told me he'd tell his browser to start, then he'd go off for like 10 minutes and it'd be done by the time he came back, now he waits mere moments

4435474 Run the 'See the nose hairs' version of fallout 4? :P


The graphics card in that build isnt THAT powerful, but he also has no interest in that game

4430873 I must be completely blind or something. I've re-read the entire story, particularly the chapters after the Anceti attack, and I didn't see when/where they went to look for that other Bolo. Or did I read your comment incorrectly and you meant returned "to Ponyville"?

4438944 I meant they returned to Ponyville, because later that day she had sat and mourned until the schoolponies showed up. It was implied in a roundabout way. She was only out for a field test. Sorry for any confusion!

4438945 Not your fault at all, I just misread. I just read TheDriderPony's comment and saw your reply and misread it, then thought to myself "Wait a darn minute here, I don't remember them finding the other Bolo.." and almost drove myself crazy scouring every paragraph of every chapter after that trying to find it, lol.

4439443 Oh! Okay! Glad we got all this cleared up! Yep, cleared up!..yeah.. :P

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