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FE:SoS Support Convos: Nai & Rena (C - A) · 10:56pm Feb 20th, 2017

Nai: Rena! There you are!
Rena: Sup, bro. What's the problem?
Nai: Sorry for disturbing you though.
Rena: Nah. For you, I'll always lend an ear.
Nai: Thank you, Rena.
Nai: This is a slightly personal matter though. Can you keep it between us?
Rena: My lips are sealed. I promise.
Nai: I needed to ask you about the ship's current cargo supply.
Nai: Greenbeard said we'd do a quick pit-stop if we were running out of supplies.
Nai: But he doesn't want the others thinking we're running out of food, hence the secrecy.
Rena: Oh...
Nai: Is something the matter?
Rena: Ah, no, it's nothing. I'll go check the cargo hold.
Rena: *leaves*
Nai: How odd. She's usually so chipper...

Nai: Rena, there you are!
Rena: Hey, Nai. Come to ask me how the cargo's doing again?
Nai: I'm... sorry?
Nai: Oh, that! Rena, that was a while ago now.
Rena: I know, it's just... ah, never mind.
Nai: Rena, are you alright? You don't seem your usual happy, pun-loving self.
Rena: Thanks for your concern, but I swear I'm alright.
Nai: Well, alright then. In that case, I have another mission for you.
Rena: Goodie.
Nai: Greenbeard says a storm will be going over us soon.
Nai: Can you help me carry some cargo down from the deck in case it gets blown away?
Rena: And again with the cargo.
Nai: Rena, seriously, what's wrong?
Rena: I told you, nothing's wrong.
Nai: Rena, I'm not heartless. If there's something I'm doing wrong, please tell me and I'll-
Rena: It's just... Ever since we got on this ship it feels like we've never had any "We" time!
Nai: Oh... Is that it?
Rena: Y-Yeah?
Nai: Easily fixed. The next time we have a moment to talk, we'll talk together as siblings.
Rena: You really mean it?
Nai: Yes, I really mean it. But I also really need that cargo moved.
Rena: Oh, right, that.

Rena: Nai! Nai! Over here!
Nai: Rena? Is everything alright?
Rena: You said the next time we had a moment to talk, we'd talk as siblings, right?
Nai: I do recall that, yes. Ah, are we going to talk now?
Rena: Oh, we're going to do more than talk! We are going to BOND!
Rena: And you're going to LIKE it!
Nai: I don't like where this is going, to be honest.
Rena: Oh relax, silly billy! It's not like it's the end of the world.
Rena: Here, take this!
Nai: A... fishing rod?
Rena: Remember when we were kids and we always used to fish in that pond?
Nai: Ah, yes, the one where there wasn't actually any fish.
Rena: Yeah, we were pretty stupid back then. More-so you, but what can you do?
Nai: Hey!
Rena: Anyway, since we're literally on the ocean, why don't we fish for a little while?
Nai: That actually sounds like fun. Want to just sit over the edge of the ship here?
Rena: This is perfect! Alright, toss your line in 3, 2, 1...
Rena: GO!
Nai: W-Wow, I already got a bite!
Rena: Reel it in! Real it in real hard!
Nai: Yes, I did it!
Rena: Hey, it's a big one too!
Nai: Alright, back into the ocean with you then.
Rena: Hehe! That was pretty fun!
Nai: Yes, I have to admit I did enjoy myself. Thank you for this time, sis.
Nai: And I'm sorry for that whole cargo fiasco earlier.
Rena: Nah, don't worry about it. You're my brother, so I can't get mad at you for long.
Rena: What are little sisters for? To be there to knock sense into their stupid brothers, that's what!
Nai: Rena!
Rena: Hahaha! I'm only teasing!

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Comments ( 9 )

A dawww for sibling bonding

+1 for D'aawww-ness.
I have a sister, so I find it easy to write for siblings.

So this is the template? Got it:twilightsmile:

Also, hooray for character and siblings!:yay:

Yep! Just bold character names and a large C, B, A, S and that's the template.

Hurray for siblings indeed! :rainbowkiss:

Glad you enjoyed this! :twilightsmile:

4430556 Stuff like this helps me get through the day.

I'm flattered! :pinkiehappy: Well then with the help of some other dudes, I'll be sure to post a support conversation every day to help you get through whatever you're going through.

And you can help too if you want! You don't have to write them, but suggestions on which supports you want to see and how you want them to go down are appreciated. I love hearing the ideas of others and incorporating them into my stuff.

4430618 Trust me, one day you'll find out work is a soul draining place.:rainbowlaugh:

And I might just take you up on that when I get back to some decent internet.

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