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    As the months have gone on, I'm sure that there are a couple thinking as to where the next chapter of Dying Embers is and why I have not done any sort of update at all this year. (Probably only about 10 people, but who is counting :pinkiecrazy:)

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    Dying Embers has got some new flashy cover art!

    I think it looks amazing and I can't thank MorphineZombie enough for the great work and effort put into it. You can also see the first depiction of Sunny and Chaser as they take centre stage.

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Dying Embers - Fan Art · 5:37pm Feb 19th, 2017

Dying Embers' first fan art has now been completed :pinkiegasp:
Courtesy of my good friend Zintenka. (Who also kindly made the cover art for the story)

Displaying the scene from Chapter 44 - New Year's Eve, It shows John Davies and Shining Armor locked in their arm wrestling match with Luna giving John a little help.

I think it has turned out fairly well and can't wait to see if any more is released in the future.
Feel free to check out his DeviantArt page : http://zintenka.deviantart.com

Thanks again to everyone for reading and for your continued support, without you and your messages of support this project would have been scrapped long ago.

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Comments ( 6 )

Looks great :)

Nice picture indeed,:moustache:

That smile on Luna's face, amazing.

If the main OCs of Dying Embers were voiced, what would they sound like?

4474336 it's kinda hard to explain, but I'll do what I can

John would have a Birmingham / Black Country accent with a deep voice
Chaser would have a gravelled voice
Georg and Janine would have a minor German accent
Sunny would have a soft and caring tone of voice

Many of the main characters are submitted by readers so I'm not to certain on their voices, only on a few

Matrix has a Yorkshire accent
Sure Strike rarely speaks but it's deep, almost like an aggressive grunt

For the rest you'd have to ask those who submitted them

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