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I am the author. I write words. You are the reader. You bring the words to life, along with my messages. All I ask of you is that you bring my words to life...and learn from my life.

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    I don’t know why you would want to join my server, but I’m making these to slowly get back into writing.

    Join if you want.

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    Broken but Healed

    I feel sick sometimes. It is a cruel world where you get to taste love only to lose it.

    It’s weird cause some days, i miss the affection that i had from my last relationship. I miss the love that i had for her. I would have done anything for her, all she had to do was ask.

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    I have a question for y’all.
    If someone breaks a promise, especially their deepest promises.......
    Is it right to assume that future promises can no longer be trusted?

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    Sneak Peek - Mosiac Story Premise

    Is this thing on? I think it's on. I hope it is cause I'm not gonna get a second chance..."

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    School sucks. But I'll be writing over the summer time and posting.

    Things to do:

    Mosiac - Chapters 1-5

    Rainbow's Musings

    From the End to the Beginning.

    I need an editor for the third one. I have this huge world in my head, but it'll take a while for me to get it down on paper. So...help?


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Mosaic - Story Premise · 5:33am Feb 19th, 2017

Do you ever have a moment when you're torn in two?
When you're torn between two loves, both very real?
Where you're forced to choose, and you dread having to do so?
But you know in your heart that you made the decision long ago?

That's me.

I made the choice.

Now I wait, hoping that moment never comes, when the choice is spoken and one I love is torn away.

More specifically, that moment when my parents disown me.

Dear God, this better be a mosaic.

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Sounds depressing as fuck...
Can't wait!

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