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Trying my hand at art. · 4:03am Feb 18th, 2017

Feedback would be appreciated.

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Comments ( 6 )

Fantastic by the looks of it. I'm not an artist, or an art critic, so I can't really offer any solid advice. But I will say I like the design of the eyes, and it's a very pleasant drawing to look at. I'd recommend sharing this with the Art for Fanfiction group to get a bit more feedback though. You may already have that planned, but that's the best advice I can really give though.:twilightblush:

Still, I like it!:twilightsmile:

Better than the Braeburn I did circa season 1. Also, what are poni bodies? http://i.imgur.com/mnQCz.jpg

not bad

The eyes seem a little bit cartoonish, but I think it's only because of the little white dots that are supposed to be the eye shine. It's great though! Certainly better than most of my practices...

I think you did a really nice job. You should keep drawing! I would love to see more.

That's really good! I think you'd be a great artist. One thing I will mention though, is the head proportion is waaaaay off. Now, I have trouble with this myself, so I'm trying to work on it too, but something my art teacher has told me that I find helps is this: make sure that both shoulders and the head are approximately the same width. Once again, it looks great. I really hope you continue.

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