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I'm a simple person who dislikes very little and hates even less; I like (or even love) a few things: reading, gaming, Pinkie Pie, and writing; I even take story requests~!

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    Making Friends with Statues now has a reading on YouTube by Robipony (the amazing)!

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    That is about all I have for this,
    super ecstatic me signing off!

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    Until next time, I guess?

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Desh Reviews Master List(Redone) · 4:59am Feb 17th, 2017

This is the "Master List" of my reviewing, below the pagebreak will be links to each blog post. If you followed from the start then you will notice that I have made some changes. That is because one story a week-ish is inefficient, and much more reviewing can get done with several a week-ish. Though if you wish for me to do an entire post to a sole story, drop me a PM, or by commenting in this post.
(Updated on January 28, 2018)
1) The same author can't have two stories reviewed in the same "batch."
2) It can be a story about anything (I'm willing to read most anything).
3) Incomplete stories are treated differently; I'd prefer that the story is complete when reviewed. But if the story isn't then I can review either A) what is available or B) one or more arc/arcs. Cancelled stories will more than likely be ignored.
4) Suggestions or requests can be made in the comments, on my Userpage, or by Private Messaging me.
5) That is all for now.

Master List: Here (Leads to my Reviewed Bookshelf.)

Desh Reviews 1 (A Lovely Mare)
Desh Reviews 3 (Derpy's Got it in the Bag)
Desh Reviews 2 (The Darkening of Equestria)
Desh Reviews 4 (A Talk Between Sisters) (Don't Forget Me) (The Most Disgusting Clop You Will Ever Read)
Desh Reviews 5 (Shaping Love and War) (Her Special Gift) (On Deaf Ears) (An Attempt To Save A Friend)
Desh Reviews 6 (Tell Me Sweet Apple Lies) (Patience of Love)
Desh Reviews 7 (Octy's Eggs) (A Bridge Betwixt Lovers) (A Stormy Night)

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Comments ( 3 )

This is a much better story then what you reviewer earlier. A Talk Between Sisters. Hope you like it. Also, this story is much shorter so it will be easier to review.

4425744 Alright, I added it to a bookshelf, so I can read it later.

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