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  • 398 weeks
    I Was Rustled

    Post shitty story, gets 40+ likes and favourites. No "top" authors even notice.

    Post another shitty story, gets 2 likes and 0 favourites, "top" author notices it and apparently "likes it" (doubt that).


    Put a donk on it.

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  • 399 weeks
    Let Me Tell You A Short Story...

    Story Time!

    So I was browsing FIMfiction whilst listening to Circles Around The Sun -- Dispatch when I hear the notification sound ring in my ears. It upset the harmony of the song and so upset me in the process. And then I became angry -- which author dares to disturb my music time with a Blog Post?!

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  • 406 weeks

    After a series of events I am cancelling any stories.

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  • 410 weeks
    How Much?

    Before anyone asks -- I know you've only seen ONE update. This is more of a future-reference post, m'kay?

    Regarding My Little Battlefield 3.

    I write between 500-1000 words a day for this story. Editing takes a while too. But I have school coming up so my time will be reduced considerably.

    I'm asking you, my humble readers, on update times.

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  • 411 weeks
    To Those Who Have Tracked/Favourited "My Little Battlefield 3"...

    When I mess this thing up, all I'm gonna do is this...

    Don't say I didn't warn you.

    2 comments · 300 views

Goodbye · 7:48pm Sep 27th, 2012

After a series of events I am cancelling any stories.

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Comments ( 4 )

he is having a rough time at the moment and we will respect his decision to cancel his storys, do not ask why because some things are personal all you can do is hope he will continue again one day but that will be something you will have to wait for. all we can hope is that he will get his personal life back together.

Oh man, im sory for what ever happened and. Goodd luck in life....cant wait for your return (if ever:^L)

These are the things I treasured the most; they were the inspiration for me to never die.
But alas, it's time for me to say:

(Quote from the song Goodbye, written by me)


Well if i lose another inspiration then i lost motivation oh well *quietly walks away*

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